So, what is so wrong with finding the good in unpleasant situations? 



There is no time like the present to wise up and rise up. It’s time to accept where we are at this moment and take a stand. I am not talking about a mask mandate, vaccines, or social distancing. As important as these things are to some, they are not to others. What matters is that we stop the judgment, the division, the stupidity of shaming when others disagree. I hear it from both sides and when the conversation becomes degrading, stirring up division and negativity, I simply say, “I’m sorry you feel this way. Don’t stress over it because stress is the worst thing for your immune system, and a weak immune system divides the healthy from the sick.” 

Now is not the time to be picking a fight, burning out our adrenals, or surrounding ourselves with energy vampires. Rather, it’s better to love one another unconditionally, get and stay fortified and rise above the hypocrisy. It’s time to stop the craziness. We will need all the physical and mental fortitude we can muster to get through what’s yet to come. When we focus on positivity, no matter how hard it can be to find it, we can rejuvenate our souls, which strengthens our core so we can regenerate. 

Being vulnerable and honest regenerates us on every level. When you expose a vulnerability in yourself, it can often be the most powerful step you can make when bonding with others. It’s better for our mental and physical wellbeing to speak our truth with kindness. 

My husband badly broke his hip a week ago and ended up in the emergency room. He split his right femur in half. If you have not heard, Hawaii is a hot spot for Delta and cases are rocketing. The hospital was full of Covid patients. It was devastating to both of us that I couldn’t go into the hospital with him. The next day after the accident, he had surgery. The following day, I brought him home from the hospital with three screws, a plate, and multiple staples in his leg resembling a 6 inch centipede. The good news is he is getting better every day. Doing physical and mental exercises is helping him to rejuvenate his body and regenerate his wounded spirit. His will and determination to get through this are admirable. He’s a good patient too, which I’m grateful for.

The long haul of healing after an injury is painful, but we remind ourselves to live, love, and laugh every day. I’ve learned what it means to be a full-time caregiver and to trust the healing process. I’ve also learned to eliminate energy vampires from my life, making room for more kindness and love. This allows me to be a better wife, caregiver and friend. 

With gratitude, vulnerability and a desire to regenerate, we take each moment as it comes and fuel each other’s souls. I simply say, “We are vulnerable, honest and united, which is making all the difference.”


What’s Wrong with Finding Good in Unpleasant Situations

Big Love and Aloha,


Mama Donna 


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