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COVID-19 has highlighted how broken our modern society has become and how it is dividing and weakening us. Its effects are humbling top leaders in government, religion, and corporations. Yes, perspectives are shifting during this time of massive transformation. But how to unify and attract more attention to Soulutions when so many are addicted to chaos?

Ah, a changing perspective where the civil rights movement is at the forefront of justice, and the unethical distribution of wealth ends! Imagine bridging the gap with logic, love, and compassion ~ if justice were for all, and balance, diversity, and biodiversity takes priority.

I get angry when I listen to most politicians, and I feel uneasy when I listen to the scientists. I’m concerned when I hear what the hoax and conspiracy believers say. The media does its best to keep us in a constant state of fear. Does anyone really know what’s going on? I listen to the news only occasionally and filter out the onslaught of people’s one-sided opinions. I pay little attention to social media unless it is positive.

The COVID era lifestyle has dramatically changed how we live, work, and interact. Time in quarantine brought to light how zoo animals must feel when forced to live their lives confined in concrete-floored cages. Some of us are removed from the reality that many people spend much of their lives in small, uncomfortable living spaces in crime-ridden cities filled with racism. Being confined can help us relate more to those who feel desperate to break free from close quarters and who rarely experience the wide openness of Nature.

COVID-19 slowed us down, but what have we learned? 

The virus gave us time to think, but what are we thinking?

Most of us have had grave concerns, such as whether we can hug someone, share the same plate of food, or feel safe going to a café or the grocery store. Will I have to go to work even if I don’t feel safe? Will a loved one die? Will I?

It’s time to elevate our concerns on a broader scale. Are we prepared for a climate crisis, an economic depression, political unrest? Are we ready to go hungry unless we plant a garden? Are we prepared for more injustice unless we help plant seeds of equality and defend the rights of all? Tough times bring out the worst in some and the best in others. Faced with so much adversity, we must acknowledge the uprising and perspective from every social-economic background.

Believing we make a difference and taking action, moves us forward.

Throughout our lives, we adapt to change, which comes with pain and joy. For example, birthing my child was the most physically painful experience of my life, and yet, the moment I met my son, the pain was forgotten. In an instant, my perception of the world changed. I was not expecting that immediate switch from pain to elation. My thirty-eight hours of labor ended with a C-section, and when I saw my child’s perfectly shaped head and big blue eyes gazing into mine, I wept with joy. I never imagined love like this could come from enduring discomfort and excruciating pain. Our experiences of pleasure and pain, such as giving birth, reflect the polarity throughout our lifetime.

While I was pregnant, I took good care of myself, built my immune system, ate nutrient-dense food, walked barefoot, exercised, slept well, and kept my stress level down. Thanks to my efforts plus advancements in medicine, my son and I came out of the hospital healthy and ready for what lay ahead.

The entire world is experiencing a long-drawn-out labor of uncertainty. We do not know what the outcome will be — a cure or more death? It can feel like crowning and breaching simultaneously, which would be extremely confusing and painful for the mother and child. But, if handled properly, the result can be an elation-filled revelation.

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Mama Donna 


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