The Soil To Soul Principles

I’ve cultivated these guiding principles throughout my life. They inspire me to live like the future matters and have provided the foundation for this book, my career, and my life. Together they form a blueprint of values that can help regenerate people and the planet itself.

Be Part of the Soulution: With reverence, cultivate a life that prioritizes restoring the Earth and caring for one’s self and others. Support endeavors that are focused on regenerative Soulutions. Be a mindful and active citizen — a soulful light in the world. Give more, take less. What we appreciate, appreciates.

Health is your Greatest Wealth: A healthy body fosters a healthy mind, which lays the groundwork for a more vibrant world. Nourish everything, from the soil to your soul. Respect. Replenish. Rejuvenate.

Live in Harmony with Nature: The Earth is our home. Honor and integrate the wisdom of the systems and cycles of Nature into your life. Nature-based Soulutions hold the keys to humanity’s most challenging problems. A restored connection to the Earth is essential for our survival.

Know Your Truth: Know who you are and what you love to do, all with a purposeful why. Celebrate life from the depths of your soul and rejoice with others. Manifest your dreams and embody your highest potential. Love and accept yourself. What you focus on grows.

Mentors are Essential: At any age, have mentors and mentor others. The benefits received from intergenerational support are priceless. Knowledge fertilizes the mind to think and create. Wisdom comes when we apply what we have learned. Be a mindful lifetime learner and teacher.

The Past ~ History is No Mystery: Reference the past to improve the future. Connect with your roots. Then, compost what does not serve you and nurture what does. Forgiveness allows you to live in the present and to look forward to the future.

The Present ~ A Gift, Receive It in the Now: Invest time and energy into a purposeful passion. Cultivate love and compassion with gratitude. Gratitude changes our attitude. Time is our most valuable currency; spend it

The Future ~ Live Like the Future Matters: In shifting our focus from the good of mankind to the good of life-kind, we can create an evolving paradigm and improve the quality of life for all. Resilient, we can adapt to the unknown.

Connection Is Sacred: Support, and take part in creating a vibrant, local community and economy by cultivating unity and reverence for all life. United, we bring value, balance, and diversity to our world. Our sacred yet vulnerable web of life connects us all. We depend on it. Together, we can strive to live like the future matters.