Do your words control you, or do you control your words?

Communication is an essential aspect of all our lives. Every time we speak, we share a part of ourselves. We often default into patterns we learned while growing up. This can be positive or negative. Some of those old patterns, language uses, and attitudes that accompany our words can offend others and hurt ourselves. Words are only as powerful as the person who speaks them. In other words, what’s most important is the attitude and the energy infused within the words.

Before we go any further let’s take a look into the magic behind words to get a better understanding of where their power comes from. It’s called “spelling” for a reason, because every time you speak, it’s like casting a spell on your reality.

Words help us manifest and transmit ideas. They carry within them the energetic force or frequency of the individual who pronounces them. Words are like “seeds,” for they are the beginning of ideas. If nourished properly, seeds sprout and grow: like ideas that manifest into reality.

It’s a choice to make the best of every situation.

How we speak to each other directly affects how we relate to the world. Those who honor their word, have integrity. Those who do not follow through on their word, dilute the value of their word. It’s hard to trust or rely on someone who lies or promises things and does not follow through. The words we choose to speak directly influence our reality.

The most powerful words you can speak are the ones you choose to say to yourself.

Redesigning Speech Patterns

To Create Your Dream Life

We all have choices

Becoming conscious of the way we speak is an essential step toward redesigning our lives. By integrating more awareness into the way we talk we gain more influence over our environments. Since words come from our thoughts; the first step towards conscious speaking is to reprogram the way we think.
There was a time in my life when I sank into the depths of despair and the power of words helped give me the freedom to blossom back into the best version of myself. Doubting myself and using self-sabotaging words had led me to defeat. I seeded a new mindset, with awareness and acceptance, when I changed my thoughts and use of words.

For example, I eliminated thinking and saying, “I have to, got to, should have.” I stopped “wanting” and “needing,” and started “choosing.” Changing my language helped rewire my brain. I chose a mindset of opportunity and awe, instead of doubt and desperation. It was my choice to change. I chose love and compassion as my driving forces and changed my vocabulary. I did not want or need to do something; it was now a choice. Choosing to be tender and kinder to myself and others changed my life; as did choosing to compost thoughts and ideas from my past that did not serve me.

When you’re challenged by something – change your attitude. Do whatever it takes: talk to different people, read different books, watch different media, be silent, meditate more. Sometimes it helps to cry or seek professional counsel.

There is a beauty to be found in vulnerability, so don’t run or hide from your truth. When we face our inner voices with love and compassion, we heal, and our word can help others.

When we remove negative thoughts, we stop limiting our potential. An attitude of, “I can do this if I put my mind to it,” rather than “I can’t do this, it’s too dame hard,” makes all the difference in your actions. Watch how those around you react.

When we know WHO we are, and WHAT we love to do, we are happy and secure. Inspired by positive attitudes and uplifting thoughts, we have the confidence to pursue our purposeful WHY. What purposeful WHY motivates you to get out of bed every morning? How do you speak to yourself and to others?

By making the choice every day to share kind words of encouragement and inspire others you become part of the Soulution. When I say Soulutions, I mean solving problems with our souls and intellect; not purely intellect. This comes when we develop a deeper level of compassion for our fellow human beings and all the creatures that we share our planet with.

Now don’t get me wrong – life is both yin and yang, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. With the light comes darkness. At times we all get down and this might come out in the way we speak. That’s why words like, “I’m sorry,” when said with sincerity, matter.

You won’t manifest the life of your dreams simply by saying “I’m going to be rich and famous.” It’s important to recognize that speaking is a way for you to assert your willpower. Your Will is your wheel- it’s what carries you from one moment to the next.

The next step is to make the transition from words to actions. This takes discipline and hard work. However, in doing so, you’ll see and feel the changes. What is your Will?

The truth is that you can create any type of life you wish simply by speaking from your heart and applying your best thoughts. At the end of the day, it’s up to you what type of person you choose to become.

I believe that in each of us there is a version of our worst self and our greatest self. Every day these two are constantly in a battle of tug of war. But it is your CHOICE to become who you chose to be. Once you open your eyes you will see that you’ve been holding both sides of the rope 🙂

Words are as powerful as you decide they can be

Soulutionist Mindset
Uplifting and Empowering Others

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.


I learned a long time ago that being honest and speaking from a place of Soulutions is the key to creating harmonic relationships. Yes, there are many people who gossip and talk about problems. We can change the conversation.

We live in a crucial time on the planet and are faced with many problems that stem from unconscious thoughts, words, and actions. This lack of connection is reflected in the way we treat our Earth. It’s not easy to hide from the pain our planet experiences.  It’s easy to hope someone else is going to fix it. There’s no time to play the “why me” victim game. It’s time for all of us to take responsibility and face these problems head-on with a Soulution-driven mindset. Future generations are counting on us. A large part of this work can be done simply by changing the way we speak.

Instead of contributing to the idea that “it’s too late” we must subscribe to the notion that we can change, we can heal. Each of us plays a role in the betterment of our planet. Our words affect the people around us. When our language uplifts and empowers others, we create a positive feedback system that flows like a clean river into the vast ocean. With that comes a downpour of positivity flowing back into the system.  

Adapt a Soulution-driven mindset, and use your words to lift up to the world, one person at a time. I do my best every single day to inspire my audience on social media and to inspire all those in my immediate circle. There are not enough words to describe love. Living with love in our hearts and words helps improve our lives and make the world a better place to live. It is a powerful Soulution.

Why Retire When I Can Inspire?

If you wish to live a fulfilling life, choose not to box yourself in with limiting thoughts and words!


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