The Gratitude Cure

Aloha beautiful souls, in this blog I share with you how gratitude has changed my life, and how it can help change yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope my words brighten your day and inspire you to have an attitude of gratitude. I appreciate you!

Gratitude is mindful medicine.
Gratitude Changes The Attitude

When we connect from our hearts, we better appreciate everything around us. Love is the gateway to gratitude; when we live with love, we gain a higher level of compassion. With compassion, we connect soulfully with each other and our surroundings. Compassion is an intimate feeling; that fills us with emotional intelligence. Like a sixth sense, we can be clairvoyant; we all have the ability to receive intuitive information when we are clear. When we are clear, we can love more freely.  Love conquers the demons and energy vampires that drain us and leave us feeling ungrateful. When our hearts are full of love and compassion, there is no room for ugliness, hatred or fear. When we open our hearts, we naturally connect and feel grateful.

Living gratefully will transform your life 

How I Stay Grateful

Every morning I give myself, my husband, and my animals a gratitude hug. I give thanks for each meal, and when I say I am grateful, I mean it. Each day I take two walks in Nature and swim most days in the ocean. Time with friends and engaging with my community fills me with gratitude as does eating nourishing food.

Like everyone, I experience negative events and come in contact with negative people. When this happens, I allow myself to feel the darkness — for a nanosecond or two. It reminds me others live in this place, and I am grateful I can choose NOT to.  I choose to be grateful, to stay positive, press the love buttons, and eject energy vampires. I am grateful that I can remove myself from a toxic situation. The more love I have for myself the more I can love and help others. This is when I feel most grateful.

A healthy relationship, at any age, fosters maturity, stability, compassion, and trust. When there is trust, we can have faith and feel comfortable with ourselves and each other. For any relationship to flourish, like a garden, it requires tending. With tending, comes the harvest which we can be grateful for. Yes, this takes doing the work, but when you love and have gratitude, it does not feel like work — it is a gift!

Some people spend their whole life in search of love
when it might be right in front of them.
Who Taught You About Love And Gratitude?

By practicing gratitude, we attract into our lives more reasons to be grateful.

When I was five, I had the great privilege to live with a woman who was our family nanny and a great teacher of love and gratitude. My mother was sick with cancer and our nanny, known as Mother Dear would say to me when I was feeling ungrateful or hateful “Child, you may not like someone, but you have got to love them, there is so much hatred in this world the is no room for any more.” Her words pierced my soul, and I am forever grateful for the wisdom.

When we begin to cultivate this feeling of love and gratitude in our lives it helps deepen our connections. Being grateful is a way for us to share our love with the world. When we allow gratitude to guide our actions, we create waves that ripple out into our world. Gratitude is a genuine way to share our appreciation.

Who has taught you about love and gratitude? Have you thanked them?
The Grateful Gifts
Gratitude is the greatest gift, a genuine way to share our appreciation.

Life on Earth is full of highs and lows, a beautiful contrast of yin and yang. When we appreciate that life is a gift, it rewards us with abundance. 

Living with gratitude is about appreciating the dark and the light, keeping the whole picture in mind. Recognize no matter who or where we are, our life can be abundant. A mindset filled with gratitude places us in a position to receive not only our gifts but the grand gift of life. To live fully is to be present with gratitude and appreciate the gifts. 

What are you grateful for? 
Thank you for being in my life and for sharing your thoughts on love and gratitude. I always appreciate hearing from you.
Mahalo nui loa
Mahalo nui loa means “thank you very much” in Hawaiian.
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Sending you big love and aloha!
Have an absolutely amazing day.
Big Love ~ Mama Donna
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