LOVE, the Antidote to FEAR

 Aloha Beautiful Souls, 
We all wish to live the life of our dreams!
Why is it sometimes we settle for less?
The Answer is: FEARIn this post, I touch upon the many forms of fear and share my antidote to conquer the demons that keep us from our highest potential.
Without fear, we find prosperity in every area of our lives.

Rise Out Of Fear & Darkness Like A Phoenix 

Most of us are born into love, yet life happens, and things happen to us that make us fearful. Fear is a powerful emotion. Most fear we experience is learned behavior. Unfortunately, we are led to believe that living in fear is normal. It’s inbred in us to fear loss; the past, the present, and the unknown.

Fear, anxiety, and doubt are all connected. So too are love, faith, and connection. In all actuality, love is what we are born with; fear is what we have learned. We can choose to learn to live with love, not in fear. When we face our darkness we move into our light. 

From an evolutionary standpoint, the emotion of fear protected humans from threats and predators; hence the survival of the species. It makes sense that danger sparks an emotional charge. Yes, fear can help protect us in dangerous times. But to live in fear, and perpetual anxiety is a threat to our health and our dreams. 

Fear causes us to have powerful reactions, we either FREEZE or RUN; it can also put us on the defense and cause a reaction of distrust and lead to lashing out and violence. We see this happen in government, business, family dynamics. There are also those negative thoughts, judgments, and doubts, that try to make us fearful — and rob our souls. 

Fear is an emotion that either demands power or dis-empowers. It can devour our desires, hopes, and dreams and cause us to lose faith and stunt our abilities. Like fire, it can spread — if not put out!

When we live fearfully, we miss out on the gifts of life. We cannot see the beauty, we shut down and dwell in darkness. Who wants this? With everything happening in the world it’s hard not to live in fear.

We all experience fear and deal with it in our own way. But when fear gets in the way of your life, how do you deal with it and where does it come from?

Digging Deeper Into Fear

Fear of the past: Old trauma holds many of us back from enjoying life. Worrying about the past and dragging unfulfilling baggage forward, stifles potential. Remember report card day? The fear of being grounded for bad grades. Your first date? If it didn’t go well, the next date never happened. Unjustified punishments? So traumatized you’re fearful of trying new things. And the fear of rejection or failure because someone judged you in the past … you get the point.

We are not our past, and all of us make mistakes! When we learn from our mistakes and accept the past, we can love and forgive ourselves. Likewise, by learning from others’ mistakes, and the harm they have done to us, we can forgive. Compost those old scripts and embrace the good memories; for what we feed grows.

Fear of the present: How does it make you feel when you listen to the news; nasty politics, climate change, war, crimes against humanity, job instability, racial tension, etc.?

Rather than wallow in worry, when we take action and choose the emotions of love, compassion and gratitude we can ease the pain and conquer fear. A shield of love is stronger than a shield of armor.

How do you feel when you are judged, or someone doubts your ability? Why do so many people question themselves, that they think they are not good enough, or doing enough? Could it be that our competitive way of life sets us up to live in fear and to doubt ourselves? Does it have to be that way?

Accepting you’re good enough helps win the war against doubt. Stay away from those who doubt you; embrace the ones who love and challenge you. You know who they are. They are the people who want you to live the life of your dreams. Avoid unnecessary fear by living like the future matters.
Fear of the future: All we have is this moment. If you are not on death row, or on your death bed, why be fearful of the future? There are plenty of things that could happen to us that are frightening to think about. Your partner might decide to leave you. You could get in a car wreck. Something else could happen to a loved one. You could get robbed, raped, or worse. The list goes on. You might even be afraid of success!  

The fear of what might happen cause’s anxiety and doubt. And yet all these things MIGHT NOT happen. And if any of them does happen; when you love yourself, you are more resilient.

The faster you take care of a wound the sooner it will heal.

How I Deal With Fear

To conquer the negative side effects of fear and doubt, I SHOW UP with LOVE. Every day I do my self-love routines and listen to my heart. I also tell as many people as I can that I love them; I’m talking BIG LOVE. I express my gratitude for each moment that I am safe, healthy, and happy. When fear comes knocking at my door, I deal with it. Rather than worry about how bad things are, I turn my focus to find solutions and connect with those who love and believe in me.

When I am down and out, or fearful, I often head out into Nature with my dogs to clear my mind. This is where I receive my greatest lesson. I’ve witnessed storms, droughts, floods, and fires. Mother Nature has taught me to be resilient. I’m reminded I am a part of Nature and can endure without fear. I take cover from the storm — respecting its power, not fearing it.

Love is the ultimate antidote to fear
Facing Fear With Love And Compassion
Starve Fear ~ Feed Love ~ Fear-less ~ Love more

Fear will always be there, but with strong allies, life is easier to deal with. It’s not like fear has no place in our lives; as long as it is limited to circumstances that pose a real threat to our mental, emotional, or physical well-being. Fear can also kick our butts into gear. It’s often when we get to our lowest points in life and feel panicked, that we turn our lives around.Most of us are fortunate enough. that we have choices. We can communicate our doubts and fears to loved ones; we can reach for help. Through connections and relationships, we build a strong system of support. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to become your best version.

When we can lean on each other, we become like a tree in a healthy forest. We stand tall together and face each challenge head-on. When one of us is fearful, we can help each other as we adapt to the ebb and flow. We can move into the future and beyond with positivity, even if we are on our death bed.   

When we fear-less and love more, we help others; connected, we thrive and rise stronger together.
Love Yourself And Have Faith
Fear not, and live each day with love in your heart, like the future matters.

Everything around us reflects our internal life. It’s not always easy to listen to our hearts and follow our highest path; this can put us in a vulnerable place. To be our authentic self it takes trust — guts, and the willingness to go out on a limb and jump —   and to have faith and open our hearts!  Once we leap into the unknown and accept love is the antidote to fear, we find our inner light which is our highest truth. When there is love, we illuminate the darkness.

When we love ourselves we’re open to the world, and can more easily snap out of a fearful funk. We can embrace the beauty and approach life with clarity.

Have faith in your abilities and you’ll rise like the Phoenix. Faith keeps us centered and humble; it comes to us with the understanding we are human. Live with love and release your fears, have faith and connect.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read beautiful souls 🙂
I look forward to your comments and insights. How do you deal with fear, anxiety, and doubt? What is your Antidote?
Have a lovely DAY ~Big Love Mama Donna
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I’m no longer fearful to release.


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