The Soulutionist Mindset: Be Part Of The Solution

The Soulutionist Mindset: Be Part Of The Solution

Aloha Beautiful Souls,

In order to adapt and integrate a *Soulutionist mindset into our life, we must be honest with ourselves and willing to address the truths. When we act with love and compassion, we find the nourishment and motivation to help make a change. By doing so, we are able to discover the root cause of a problem and find Soulutions.

Nature teaches us that in order to regenerate we must give more than we take, or at the very least there needs to be a balance of inputs and outputs. We must be sure that nothing goes to waste. When we consider this in our daily lives, we generate moral abundance. By surrounding ourselves with a new mindset of abundance, we can thrive.

Across the span of history, power has always been sought after and abused, rather than distributed, equitably and responsibly. This greedy approach has failed us and the Earth. Only when we seek agreement and understanding can we truly hope to reverse the injustice.

Since a young age, I knew that something had to change, so I set off on a journey to help heal myself and others. This journey continues to this day, where I find myself here, writing this blog to you. The key is to see the magic in everything you do, pure and simple. First, you must find the magic inside you. Your attitude towards life determines where you end up; each day is a new beginning.


The Truth

The Root Of Our Problems

The people In Power control the power — the energy and the fuel we use.

The less we use, the more power we have.

Right now our planet is faced with a wide range of problems due to the fact that the majority of the human race has isolated themselves from Nature. To conquer the Earth for personal gain is not a solution. From environmental destruction to our personal health, we are all faced with problems within our lives. When ignored, these problems continue to grow like a cancer cell: becoming larger and infecting us more. Entropy is a natural force on our planet. Basically; if we do not maintain something, it begins to decay, resulting in problems that become harder to deal with the longer we ignore them.

We all have to begin to consider the bigger picture, The planet is dying and in need of our help. We have the power to turn things around! There are positive things happening which are helping to mitigate the effects of some of the enormous problems. But is it happening fast enough? Are there enough of us making a shift to be part of the Soulutions and not the pollution?

The faster we take care of a wound, the sooner it will heal.

I’m here today to share a new perspective on solutions. I believe the main reason why we find ourselves in our current position is because of the way we have approached problems. Our society often chooses solutions that are temporary and self-serving. We are conditioned to treat the symptoms, not the root causes.

Understanding the past and how we got to where we are can be depressing and piss us off, but it can also motivate us to take action.

Some individual’s responses to their dog barking or child crying might be to hit them until they stop. My heart cringes at the very thought! Especially when the correct way to handle the situation would be to utilize love and compassion, which are themselves the best solutions. Learned behavior has a tendency to carry forward. We can and must stop the craziness!

When we treat the symptoms, it only delays the problem which eventually rises up again and again. For example, doctors will prescribe a wide range of medications for illnesses instead of addressing the root causes of our bad health like poor eating or bad sleeping habits.

Take our government, for instance, which has failed to protect the environment for far too long. Selling out to big business is no way to run a government. From backing out of the Paris Climate Accord to ignoring the proven scientific evidence that the climate crises are a consequence of our failure to act, the government is failing us while playing servant to the corporate entities.

Furthermore, the lack of transparency and corruption that permeates our elections has created soulless campaigns designed to distract voters from the truth: the truth that our government is not as sovereign as it once was. It ought to be illegal for the corporate conglomerates to influence our elections and our policies with monetary incentives. Our government should not be for sale.

And then there are the short-sighted views of these multinational corporate conglomerates that have themselves convinced us that drinking sugar water packed in plastic containers is ok. This and their other so-called “solutions,” including microwave meals and single-serve containers, have worked to acclimate us to this addictive, dysfunctional throw-away society.

Beyond the introduction of single-use consumables, the fake propounding that nuclear energy would solve all our energy needs and excessive consumer habits has also been deceitful. The nuclear waste we buried is now resurfacing; as are devastating health issues. Abusing clean air, drinking water, and nutrient-dense soil are crimes not only against humanity but against all life. Short term gains can lead to long term devastations. The focus should not be solely on the alternative energy sources we can harvest but on what we can plant, and how we can conserve the resources that remain.

To put a solar system on a soda manufactures roof is not a solution, it is a band-aid to a flawed reality.

There are consequences to the environment and human health when adapting to any power system, including large scale renewable energy systems, especially when these new energy systems are used to produce unhealthy and ridiculous products. Millions of things are manufactured every day that we can live WELL without. There are not enough band-aids in the world to keep up with the compulsive consumer habits we have employed in the past century. We do not need all of the STUFF that feeds our incessant need to consume.

While the transfer to renewable power as a source of energy can help to mitigate the damage that has been dealt our world by the abuse of fossil fuels, this alone will not be enough to sustain our unhealthy existence on Earth. We must build practical infrastructure. This includes building only energy-efficient structures and modes of transportation. Rather than continuing to invest in cross-continental pipelines, designed to transport energy from coast to coast, we must be regionally independent with our use of fuel and food. Utilizing natural renewable resources is a way that does not starve and rape our precious Earth. Using these energy resources to produce necessities not nonsense, is a must. We do not know all the long term effects of any energy system.

The most dependable energy is people power.

 We must consume less, waste less, and give more.

Many of us have let the corrosive American dream invade our beings. We were born into a culture that is built upon the exploitation of others. We’ve been taught to consume mindlessly, unaware of the effects our lifestyle has on the soil beneath our feet. What we need is the courage and willingness to live in harmony with the Earth. By consuming less, we heal ourselves and the Earth. It only makes dollars and SENSE to create economies that can restore and renew the cycles of life we depend on rather than being a slave to the many dysfunctional human systems.

According to studies, every year, each American throws out about 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that can be composted. The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5% of the world’s people generate 40% of the world’s waste!

What kinds of solutions are these that destroy the resources we depend upon? What are we teaching our children?

Every human being affects the world around them, but some humans have acquired more influence and power than others. It is the corruption and misuse of this power that has brought us to where we are today. When we are disconnected from our roots, our lack of love and perspective allows power to corrupt. Our external reality is a reflection of who we are inside.

So many people are at war with themselves and caught up in minutia. The fights over our personal differences have distracted us from the bigger picture. When we abuse ourselves we abuse the Earth, when we pollute our bodies we pollute the Earth. Being mindful is essential for peace within ourselves and in the world.


GIVE MORE take less

Soulless solutions are the root cause of many of the problems we’re faced with today. That is why I’ve introduced the words Soulution and Soulutionist into my mindset. 

A Soulution is a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation or problem while implementing love and compassion with respect to the long term consequences.

A Soulutionist address the root cause of a problem and approaches them like the future matters. They find remedies that restore the harmony within our lives and the world and strive to create an economy that meets the needs, (not the compulsive desires) of the present, without compromising others and future generations.

Some easy Soulutions that we can all do immediately:
We can consume less, and give more than we take. We can all stop using plastic, drive less, turn the lights off, and eat sustainably grown food. We can starve the unethical businesses and corporations and demand better. DEMAND Soulutions.

Rather than support dysfunctional systems, we can engage in the arts, listen to or create music, take care of our health, spend time in Nature, nurture friendships and family, hug and love more, and engage with our communities.

I’m sure that you have your own Soulutions too that will add to the Economics of your Happiness. Please share them with the community in the comment section below, and thank you for your contributions, and for being a part of the Soulution, not the pollution.


The Regeneration Approach

Becoming a Soulutionist

Nature is a beautiful example of balance, strength, and flow; the best place to re-center, regenerate, and listen to our soul.

The regeneration approach is the core foundation of a Soulutionist. By placing our mental focus on regeneration we naturally create a more harmonic life. It’s this harmony that allows us to help heal others; we become a sort of walking medicine. We affect the lives of everyone we encounter with every word and action we take. When we live and make peace with the truth we become a bright light, helping to reveal the shadows.

In my next blog, I will share more Soultions and regenerative lifestyle tips. If you are on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you will see I post articles daily that bring Soulutions to the forefront. What we focus on GROWS.


The Shift

The Soulutions to Our Problems

This is a call to inspire innovators and entrepreneurs, and to awaken people of all generations to connect soulfully and discover the value of Soulutions. It’s time that we all take responsibility for our actions and to shift to a more regenerative and holistic path. To live like the future matters. Together we have the ability to do this, divided we do not.

Seek out strong connections that make you feel loved and alive.

Thanks for being part of the growing movement of Soulutionists around the world. Please share this post, and other positive content, with others. Together, we solve more.

In my forthcoming memoir of sorts, you will find numerous people and organizations solving problems like the future matters.

Big Love and Aloha

Mama Donna