The Conscious Living Shift

The Conscious Living Shift

Enhance Your Self-Awareness For Mindful Success

Aloha beautiful Souls, In this post, I share how being conscious and self-aware has enhanced my life. Being mindful fortifies our self-worth. Mental, physical, and spiritual health gives us the ultimate wealth, which is our greatest success. We have a choice of how we cultivate self-awareness.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. ~ Buddha

The Shift to Living Consciously

Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. Self-Awareness is having a clear perception of your character, including your thoughts, beliefs, motivation, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. The more conscious we are, the more self-awareness we have. We’re able to understand other people better, and how they perceive us. Our attitude and our responses to them are more genuine.

When we are in touch with what’s going on deep inside us, we can feel vulnerable. If we numb ourselves, we are unaware of what’s going on inside and around us. Feeling deprived or rejected leads to low self-esteem or depression. It can also lead to addictions, abuse, and other disorders. Our thoughts and energy are powerful. The thoughts and energy that bring us together, feels better than those that try to separate us. Separation leaves us empty with the need to fill ourselves with something.

Being conscious cultivates self-awareness and ignites courage. With self-awareness, we can avoid being mindless. We are in touch with our true self so our self-worth and self-esteem evolve. When we make decisions with intuitive wisdom, we enhance our life. Our inner beauty unfolds more deliberately when we trust and are in touch with ourselves.

Alice Boyes, Ph.D., a former clinical psychologist, researcher, and author offers more insight into what happens when we lose our sense of self. If we live without self-awareness, we cannot be mindful and can harm ourselves. When we hurt ourselves, it pains others and effects our surroundings. It’s good to find people you trust and can talk to when in pain or scared. It is liberating to peel back the layers of doubt and live consciously.

By cultivating conscious actions and thoughts, we deepen the connection we have with ourselves and increase our self-worth.

How I Cultivate Consciousness

There are many reasons to cultivate consciousness and to increase self-awareness. When we are happy and feel fulfilled, our life has more meaning. Our self-worth is elevated. Sometimes I lose touch with myself, and it becomes uncomfortable. Living in a vulnerable place feels nothing like success. Learning to be more mindful has helped me to succeed in business, relationships, and improved my health. I offer you some ways that work for me to stay balanced and self-aware.

  • Being out in Nature works for me. It is where I get grounded. I go for two mindful walks a day and surround myself with beauty. I often walk barefoot which helps me get centered. The feeling of the Earth beneath my feet awakens my senses. Present, I quiet my mind. I’m reminded of how grateful I am. 
  • Nature photography is a passion that gives me joy. My phone has a great camera that enables me to be creative and in the moment with each photo I take. I’m delighted by the tropical flowers, fruiting bananas, papayas, and pineapples. I am in awe of Nature’s beauty. I search for the perfect lighting. All the photos in my posts come from my encounters in Nature.
  • I love spending time in the ocean. The many beautiful shades of still clear blue water give me maximum peace of mind and fill me with joy. When I’m not on a mindful walk along the Kohala Coast on the Big Island, you may find me treading water in the Pacific Ocean. I contemplate. The water calms and refreshes my entire being. It’s the perfect place for me to let go of any bad vibes and energy. The wonders of the sea are regenerative. In the ocean, I’m respectful of where I am and aware of how important it is to be present. After all, there are sharks, sea turtles, rays, and countless species of fish.
  • Sky-Walks Meditation is my favourite and the most effective way for me to be present. It is something I do daily and share with my clients. Here’s how it’s done: Lie on your back, head facing downhill, on a slight incline. An incline moves blood more freely to your heart and brain. Lift your legs to the sky. While in this position, I do a series of gentle stretches. I breathe gently relaxing my whole being. Cloud-watching takes it to a whole other level. Grounded and focused, it’s easier to tune out the chatter, especially with the sound of the waves and wind.

Doing these daily practices, I can be mindful. The more present I am, the better I’m able to communicate. I’m more alert, conscious, and can discern matters that might have otherwise upset me. When upset, I’m unconsciously led to eat the wrong foods, say the wrong things, and not make the best choices. What do you do to stay present, to be conscious?

Maybe you have a park nearby that you haven’t frequented. Maybe you have a backyard, perfect for a little barefooted walk. Get creative about what brings you present moment awareness, mindfulness, and groundedness. Hop on a bus and “get out of Dodge.”

How do You Cultivate Self-Awareness?

In the present, we are in touch with our whole self. We have a greater sense of self-worth. 

The secret to self-awareness

If you wish to be more self-aware, learn how to love more consciously and love yourself more. Also, learn how to be present and listen to your inner voice. (link to self-love blog here) Pay close attention to what happens within your body and surroundings. It takes practice. It’s easy to get distracted, and emotions can get confused. When we take in the beauty of life, it opens us up to new experiences and helps us get through uncertain times. Living with love in our hearts, we can heal and heal others. It is liberating to have the awareness and motivation to seek soulutions.

Being self-aware, we know WHO we are, and WHAT we love to do. We have a purposeful “why” and are more inclined to help heal the Earth. The more consciously engaged and sentient people living in a careful, deliberate manner, the brighter our future.
So, take good care of yourself and live in your light.

Big Love and Aloha