10 ways to boost your immune system and thrive in these uncertain times. 

10 ways to boost your immune system and thrive in these uncertain times. 

💪🌿 Time To Fortify – Not Fear 💪🌿
10 ways to boost your immune system and thrive in these uncertain times. 

Are you stressed, freaked out, or paralyzed by the coronavirus? You can join the millions of others that are running scared, or you can be proactive and positive. It’s a choice you get to make. We are living in a time of massive transformation and awakening on the planet. Everything that is taking place is a reflection of what we can learn and how to grow as a species.

I do not doubt something is unnerving and terrifying with the spread of human-induced COVID-19/ coronavirus, but we can do things to prevent getting the disease and from spreading it, just like we can stop the climate crisis. Being educated and proactive is critical to healing a global wound, and the faster we take care of it, the quicker it heals. What would the world be like if worldwide governments treated the climate crisis like a pandemic?

This virus is testing each of us in unique ways – it is bringing out the best and the worse in humanity. I say, let’s not panic or stress out, but be prepared for it all. The best things we can do for ourselves are, be proactive, take care of ourselves, and build up our immune system. A field of positive vibrations reverberates outward as you build up a natural defense against any illness.

As a certified health coach since 2011, I have been sharing with my clients and friends the benefits of building a robust immune system. Today, I share things you can add into your life, in addition to the recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The suggestions I offer I’ve researched and are things that I incorporate into my overall,life-enhancing well-being. No surprise, these very same things build the Earth’s immune system too. The following useful immune system tips are in no particular order. Please do your research and share your proven immune system soul-utions with others by leaving your comments below

#1: Live like the future matters: Reduce stress levels and raise your serotonin levels to become happier. When you’re happy, you strengthen your immune system. When joy flows through our lives, we become part of the Solution (a means of soulfully solving a problem that is effective for future generations). When we know we’re doing something good for the planet, we have a soulful purpose. When we are part of the Solution and not the pollution, we are purposefully living like the future matters.

#2: Eat as your life depends on it: That means eating less processed foods, such as organic canned goods and grains, and NO junk food. There are millions of articles on how to eat a healthy diet, so educate yourself. Build your immune system by eating a Low Carbon Food-Print diet. Add in extra immune-building foods such as turmeric, ginger, citrus (especially lemons), mushrooms, peppers, garlic, and onions. Fermented vegetables, such as homemade sauerkrauts, and kimchi, are a boon to gut health. You can check out several of my other blogs where I explain why eating a regional diet, primarily fruits and vegetables, is the way to go to prevent dis-ease and heal the planet. By connecting with your local farmers, and eating a nutritious regional diet, will also strengthen the immunity of your community, your local economy, and the well-being of the planet.

#3: Commune with Nature: Studies reveal that Nature Therapy has a positive effect on both your physical and mental health; this includes forest bathing– (shinrin-yoku), wave watching, tree climbing, gardening, fishing, skiing, and snorkeling…. No matter where you are, find some Nature time. Social distancing, and not being able to socialize, is very stressful and can be depressing. When we’re out in Nature, we can responsibly Naturize and enjoy time with a healthy loved one and friends. We can commune with plants and animals, and not be traumatized by social distancing. Leave the urban lifestyle for at least ½ hour a day and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. The Earth holds all the medicine we could ever need. Being in Nature is free entertainment.

#4: Incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and breath awareness: into your daily rituals: Stress attracts dis-ease. When you are in a stressful situation, it raises your blood pressure and your pulse, making you more receptive to illnesses. A clear mind releases fear and strengthen our nervous system. Several times throughout the day, relax your thoughts and still your mind by becoming fully aware of your breathing. Gentle, relaxed breathing is better than deep breathing when one is anxious. Repeating a positive mantra, such as “I am safe, happy, and healthy,” can bring peace of mind, even while doing simple tasks like washing dishes or making a bed. Listen to the sounds of nature or soothing music helps too, as does warm candlelit baths.

#5: Affection lowers our stress levels and enhances our overall well-being: Due to the coronavirus, social distancing has been advocated and, in many cases, necessary and mandatory. And yes, this is an exceptionally good idea right now. If you have been exposed to an infectious or contagious disease, including a cold or flu, being respectful and quarantining yourself is the right thing to do. That’s why they made stuffed animals. But let’s face it, we are affectionate and social beings. Humans thrive on connections, so, if possible, don’t close yourself off altogether. Be smart and selective with your affection. We do not know how long this will last, so it’s important to find loved ones who are not in danger of having the virus before you have physical contact. My husband and I are loving and hugging each other up, making up for all those we cannot. Don’t forget you can hug and love yourself up and your pets. Animal therapy provides comfort and stress reduction.

#6: Smile and choose love over FEAR: When you say the words, I LOVE YOU out loud and mean it, you automatically smile and feel better. You also make others feel better, which makes you feel even better! Say I LOVE YOU at least ten times a day to yourself and others.

#7: Oral Hygiene: Oil Pulling is an effective way to remove toxins from your mouth, which is the main pathway to your digestive system. I recommend reading up on this ancient and very effective Ayurvedic remedy. In addition to boosting the immune system, this time-tested and gentle approach to health also treats tooth decay, kills bad breath, heals bleeding gums, prevents heart disease, reduces inflammation, whitens teeth, soothes throat dryness, prevents cavities, improves cracked lips, and strengthens gums and jaw. After your oil pulls, I recommend rinsing with food-grade hydrogen peroxide to boost your immune system. These natural remedies have little impact on the Earth and a significant impact on our health.

#8: Household Hygiene: Essential Oils: Boost your immune system with thyme, clover, cinnamon, and oregano, to name a few. Research has shown that essential oils can kill most airborne microorganisms, and there are tremendous benefits of using a variety of them for both personal hygiene and to disinfect your home. If you are in quarantine or are being forced to stay or work at home, purify your home with essential oils and other natural home remedies instead of the toxic chemicals and disinfecting formulas that have been compromising your immune system. Many household products are plagued with harmful chemicals that, over time, can damage our health and the health of our families.

#9: Sweat it out and exercise: Daily exercise gets our blood pumping to purify the toxins in our body. Exercising and sweating remove toxins. A high-temperature environment helps to block viruses from entering. Exercise can also boost your body’s feel-good chemicals and help you sleep better.

#10: Sleep! And rest when you are tired: Plenty of rest cannot be emphasized enough. For clients having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, I recommend getting into bed by 8 P.M. with a cup of Calm, or Sleepy Time Tea, and settle in with a good book while listening to relaxing music. You can find plenty of great meditative music to help you get a good night’s rest for free on YouTube or check out Tupelo Kenyon’s Celestial Sounds of Harmony and Light Vol. I and II

Time is our Greatest Currency and Health our Greatest Wealth.

In light of all that’s going on in the world, it’s time we all stand strong together. Part of that means we build our immune systems to defend against the daunting crisis the world is facing. 🌎

Maintaining and gaining greater mental and physical health is imperative. When we take care of our world, we are contributing to the Solution.💥

In my book Living Like the Future Matters, I offer a wealth of information, to help you get through these challenging times. The feedback I have been getting on the book reminds me of how timely this body of work is to help serve humanity and the Earth. That is why I am offering my eBook for Free.

Big Love and Aloha Thank you so much for reading 10 ways to boost your immune system.

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Have an EPIC day!! 🙏

Mama Donna 🌞