We are living in evolutionary times, and our way of life will never be the same. The virus, and all it has stirred up, has shaken society to its core; it encourages us to look at our personal constitution. As we grow into the next evolution on Earth, we are being called to take action. Acknowledging our symbiotic relationship with the rest of lifekind puts everything into perspective.

Each of us can help regenerate our communities and the world. Studying the systems and cycles of Nature, we understand how intimately we are interconnected with the web of life. When we embrace the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth, it strengthens our constitution and empowers us to make positive changes. Nature teaches us to value what is important and to respect the cycles of life. From seed to fruit, and back to seed, we experience the regenerative process which creates the miraculous experience we call life. Nature holds the Soulutions for our future.

The Earth provides us with enriching, wisdom, medicine, food, and shelter. Everything we have comes from the riches of

Mother Earth.

Appreciating the Earth’s beauty and wisdom, we are aware of our responsibilities to care for her and each other. When we adapt to a regenerative lifestyle, we are more resilient to the changing tides. These changes start individually, and our intentions grow to affect our communities and beyond.

It starts by planting seeds of change in fertile ground and nurturing them. Even if the soil is not perfect, we can build the Earth up just like our spirits. When we unite, we are more resilient in body, mind, and spirit. Our strength multiplies when we are living from our hearts and honoring a regenerative path. Then, we are living like the future matters.

May these beautiful flowers inspire you to take action. Connect with those who uplift your soul and encourage you to be strong and healthy, so you can share your gifts. In alignment, we sync with symmetry and find our unique place in the world. When nurtured, your authentic gifts naturally come to the surface like a flowering plant, and you can manifest your innate beauty; our beauty becomes timeless and remembered.

Find your tribe and thrive!  Build a “quaran-team” of supportive and loving friends who are ready and willing to help rebuild our world. Bring out the best in each other. Like everything in Nature, we depend on diversity.

Together we are better.

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