Aloha Beautiful Souls,

How we spend our money helps shape the future. It’s easy to spend money and forget about the consequences that each dollar carries with it. Our money is linked to our energetic current. Essentially what we are doing when we invest our money in ANYTHING is, giving our energy in exchange for something. The vast inventory of products available to the everyday consumer is developed from the demand we are creating. If you want to see more organic products that put the Earth first and foremost, then it’s essential to start investing your money in a direction that supports that. 

Every day we vote with our money for our future.

When we become conscious of the ways we are spending, we gain more control over what our world will become. Investing in our health is a great way to support the health of the planet. When we spend our money locally, we reap the rewards of supporting the growth of our community.
Money is simply energy in motion. When we recognize that, it becomes a lot easier to place our energy and attention on the products and services that support us. It’s wise to invest our money to help keep the things that are naturally supporting us; this is a way to create a fantastic bio-feedback loop that nourishes the ecosystem you are making.

We all can create vibrant ecosystems with our energy and the way we spend our money. Stop outsourcing your products and start buying local.

Every dollar matters, the products you choose to purchase do make a difference, don’t devalue the power of your money.

Empower yourself to make better choices and invest in a healthier future for all of life-kind.

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It’s time for us ALL to rise into our power and stand firm for social and environmental justice. 

Big Love and Aloha

Donna Maltz

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