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For a limited time, I am offering my coaching calls once again. In 2011 I got certified by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition as a health coach. I consult budding entrepreneurs and health conscious citizens. 

Coaching Packages

One Hour Health & Business Consultation

In 2011 I was certified as a wellness and transformation coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I now consult budding Soil to Soul entrepreneurs choosing to start or to green up their business practices while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Price: $150 / 1 Hour

Send me an email if you have questions

Three Hour Consultation Package $450

I put together this package for those that want to develop a deeper relationship and work on a longer term to take their health and business to the next level. 

Sale Price  = $375 / 3 Hours – Limited Packages Available

Offer Expires March.1st

Exclusive Offer

Get 15% Off My Custom Retreats

Come and experience the healing island of Hawaii, eat healthy foods and connect with a tribe of like-minded people. Select from one of the packages below or click the button and contact me for a custom offer.

Retreat Packages

Two Night Orientation Retreat $500

Come to experience the healing energy of the island. Wake up to handcrafted meals and join me on hikes to the shoreline. 

Sale Price: $450 / 2 Nights

 Send me an email if you have questions

Week-long Rejuvenation Retreat $3000

The 7-day healing retreat is a gift for yourself. Each day is filled to accommodate you. We lay out a rough schedule of healing activities immersed in Nature, and options of nutritional food all day long.  Each day, we will have a one-hour consultation on our morning Nature walk. 

Sale Price $2550 / 7 Nights 

Offer Expires December.1st