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Aloha beautiful souls, in this blog I share with you how self-love can transform your life and put you on the road to success. When we learn to truly love ourselves, we begin radiating healing energy to everything we encounter. 
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The secret is found when we make connections.
Love Every Aspect Of Yourself
Self-Love is about accepting and embracing who you are. When we are present, we allow grace to enter our lives; we open up space for love to grow. A sincere way to love yourself is by being accountable and living with integrity. This is our honor system; it keeps our words in alignment with our actions. When we show up for ourselves, we can make the right choices; this is self-love. By following our higher calling we open up new doorways that allow love to flow into our lives, bringing with it joy and appreciation. When we live from our hearts, we are not afraid to make hard choices. When we approach each situation with respect and love we can further our evolution and learn new ways to love.
To accept and embrace yourself means to respect and love all parts of your being. It also means letting go of what does not serve you from the past and the present. When we have self-love, we love not just ourselves and others, but also our environment and the things we possess. It’s all interconnected, just like the web of Nature.
By practicing self-love, we attract abundance.
Self Awareness Increases Our Ability To Love
Self-Care is NOT Selfish—it’s Essential to Love Yourself.

To give to others, we must give to ourselves. A lack of self-love leads to negative thoughts and burnout. Daily self-care rituals are essential. Why fall out of love one day and try to make up for it the next? What are your daily ritual routines? * I have shared mine with you below. It a good idea to write yours down; they are a commitment; a contract. To have a healthy relationship requires care and maintenance. You fall more in love when you have a steady routine, one that fortifies your wellbeing.

Surround yourself with those who support your Self-Care — Self-Love Rituals. Self- Care does not stop at our bodies. Healthy routines that support our psychological and spiritual well-being are essential for true self- love. 

Within the darkness, you discover your light.

Most of us have very busy lives, and it’s easy to make excuses; I get it! Sometimes I slack too. I have learned there are ways to forgive and also ways to make up for our excuses. It comes down to priorities. Falling out of grace with our rituals which help us, should NOT be disrupted unless it’s an emergency.  

Even if you must shorten your routine, stay with it! When things get in the way, I imagine my rituals in my mind; on a 14-hour plane ride, a wedding or funeral. I’ll look in the mirror and have a chat with myself. “Donna, it’s ok, I love you, I understand what’s going on. I forgive you.” Then I go into micromanagement and pay extra attention to what I eat, drink, and how much I am sleeping during these often-unpredictable offbeat times. I exercise by being a gofer in some situations; I’ll run the errands, climb stairs, anything to keep me active. Psychological self-care comes when I help others and take care of myself. Self-love is not selfish unless your end game is to idolize yourself. YUCK. 

True Self-love enables us to support and love others.
Love From The Depths Of Your Heart
Love Is an Emotion of Strong Affection. 
Self-love means loving yourself fully, not just your legs, or hair. Even if you jog 10 miles a day and eat like a saint, if emotional needs are not met, our love only runs so deep. The way you think and speak to yourself and others have a profound effect on your emotional well-being. It’s hard to love yourself when you put yourself down; or think what other people think of you is more important than what you think of yourself. That way of living is exhausting.

Emotions control our behavior. We identify sincere love with positive thoughts and feelings like tenderness, devotion, warmth, gratitude, and happiness. These feeling bring out our emotions. When we are in touch with our beliefs, we build our intuition and character. We can more easily get in touch with our authentic selves. It strengthens our confidence, and we’re able to make decisions based on our gut feeling, without judgment. 

We can rise to a more spiritual state when we love ourselves. 

Self-love begins with having faith in ourselves; it is the foundation for self-love no matter who or what you believe. When we believe in something greater than ourselves that we invite to live within, we can connect and open our souls to the beauty within and all around us. When our hearts are open, we embrace life; we find our compass — our internal navigation system; known as “compassion.”  

Compassion guides us to make decisions that make us feel good.  When you explore your spirituality and are open to what is possible, you feel more. Having faith gives us more liberty to process our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. We recognize that everything around us is in a way a part of our lives. With that connection, we show up to give and receive love. When we honor all parts of ourselves and are present in each moment, our lives are blessed.

Become One With Your Environment 

To love yourself, you must treat everything around you with love and compassion. At times, things may seem separate, but all things are connected in the web of life. This is the karmic flow, everything affects everything else. When you enter that stream with love, then you receive love back. Grace enters your life and opens your heart. 

You can only love your environment as much as you love yourself. When I say YOU, what comes to mind? Many people make the mistake of thinking that they are separate from their environment. When we open our eyes, we see the Earth, the animals, insects, and other life. Place yourself in their position, ask “how would I want to be treated?” When you live with that in mind, instead of killing that spider that comes into your room, you take the time to let it out. Because if you were in that position, you would want others to treat you that way. If more people love themselves, the Earth would be loved.  

Pay attention to how you treat your environment, even things you would perceive as “not alive” like that shirt you threw on the floor, that was made from the materials of the Earth. It’s a part of yourself and deserves respect. Be mindful of the small things, and how you interact with your environment daily. Add in more love and be conscious. This is how you unlock the secrets of self-love.

Self-Love And Facing Your Darkness

Self-Love takes doing the work. It is not always sunshine and rainbows; you’ll have to face your shadow. Within the darkness, you discover your light.  Know when to STOP IT and unsubscribe from the things that drain your energy. Face your demons, also known as the things that keep you divided. Those addictions, bad habits, negative patterns, and thoughts. Let them dissipate, you deserve to love yourself. When you let what does not support or serve you go, there is room for beauty to take its place. Balance is a constant process. It takes focus and time to be present in love. Don’t run from yourself, rise to the occasion. <3  

Once you have done this, then you can work on the greater task, the world’s shadow. It’s up to us to fix this darkness that has grown out of proportion. When we live with love, we become a solution to the world’s problems. 

By practicing self-love, we become rich in our lives, we attract abundance.

My guilt free — Self-Love Recipe — What’s yours?

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My Ideal Daily Rituals:
Gratitude hugs for me, my husband and animals
Breathing with intention
Two daily walks in Nature with meditation and stretching 
Barefoot grounding practice
One swim in the ocean
Hot and cold shower
6-8 hours of work
8 cups of water
16 Oz of fresh vegetable juice
One healthy meal mid-day
1-2 snacks — Green apple and three Brazil nuts
Oil up my body with Coconut or Apricot Oil
10 times  — I remind myself I’m so happy and grateful
Whenever appropriate, I let others know I love them
Smile and laugh as much as possible
7-8 hours sleep
Live intentionally; like the future matters
1 treatment — either a message, acupuncture or cranial sacral
1-2 dates with my husband
1-2 dates with a friend or gathering
Farmers Market
Call long distance friends and family
Avocado or papaya mask. Smear some on your face. 
1 day of the week I can skip any or all daily rituals

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