Yummy Recipes Wilderness Wonders For Kids and Adults


A book that blends natures wisdom into nutritious recipes to nourish the mind, body, and soul.

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“Yummy Bear brings you lots of fun activities and fantastic food ideas for the whole family. The book was created to help children and adults gain a better understanding of nature and human relationships to nature, also how to enjoy the art of baking and cooking with an emphasis on good nutrition. By exploring the needs of animals and plants in the wild, we can help understand ways to preserve the Earth’s precious life cycle. The diet and habitat of animals in their natural environment are critical for their survival. Nature does not provide grocery stores, restaurants or man made housing in the wild. The survival and good health of our earth is dependent on us because what we eat and how we live directly affects all living things.”

Enjoy these delicious, nutritious recipes and share them with your friends.

Each book is personally signed with a message from Donna


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