We have the power to change our health and the health of the planet.                             

Everyone faces disruptions during the pandemic era. Between weight gain and depression, there are mounting underlying symptoms. But when we accept ourselves without blame or self-doubt, we catapult ourselves to happiness and success.

Our natural state is one of balance, energy, and clarity. To accomplish this, we must prioritize what is important to us. 


A healthy mindset and robust immune system is a recipe for success. We each have multiple and tangible ways to support our well-being, but are we taking action? For instance, balance work and lifestyle by including an abundance of self-care time. Respect your natural biorhythms to help create your ideal routine. What time of the day are you more alert, have more energy, or feel like taking a nap? Honor your inner time clock. 

We excel by incorporating conscious cures such as daily exercise, mindfulness and breath awareness, eating for a healthy body, getting restorative sleep, and spending time in Nature.

Exercise, breath awareness, and mindfulness
lower our body’s stress hormones and regulates cortisol levels. Besides boosting feel-good chemicals, these activities help us sleep better and control our weight. Put on some dance tunes and get those endorphins pumping.         

A gratifying way to boost our well-being is by helping others. Acts of kindness reduce sadness, fear, and anxiety. Sharing our gifts gives us dignity, and improves our sense of purpose and self-worth. 

Nature-ize when you cannot socialize. Studies reveal communing with Nature has a positive effect on physical and mental health, and it’s free entertainment. Fresh air freshens our outlook and builds our immune system. If you are feeling blue, prioritize getting outside.

Get into the water. Let it soothe you. If you have access to saltwater, a river, lake or pond, your body, mind and soul will be rewarded by natural minerals seeping into your skin, and by enjoying weightless movement. Can’t get into the water? Take a relaxing Epsom salt bath to reduce stress and relieve aches and pains. 

Get into the soil. Decades of studies have proven gardening and tending houseplants improve overall health. Plants produce oxygen that enhances air quality in our homes and outdoors. They help to reduce anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Grounding ourselves by going barefoot on healthy soil is a bonus.  Eat food grown in healthy soil and heal your gut. 

Read more from a report from MDPI

The soil contributes to the human gut microbiome—it was essential in the evolution of the human gut microbiome and it is a major inoculant and provider of beneficial gut microorganisms. In particular, there are functional similarities between the soil rhizosphere and the human intestine. In recent decades, however, contact with soil has largely been reduced, which together with a modern lifestyle and nutrition has led to the depletion of the gut microbiome with adverse effects to human health. 

Drink, eat, sleep and be merry. The link between drinking water and stress reduction is well documented. Our bodies are 70 percent water, so hydrate and replenish often with pure water. Improve your immunity and prevent disease by eating nutrient-rich food. Eat as if your life depends on it. Choose a primarily plant-based diet from local and organic foods when possible. Sound sleep repairs our bodies and minds. Go to bed and wake up at a reasonable hour and get off the screen after dark.

Cultivate expression and stamp out depression. Feeling down? Having outlets to express ourselves creatively is the best feel-good medicine. Incredible music, art, and business ideas have come from misfortune or living through stressful times. Take the time to stimulate your mind and immerse yourself in hobbies that rock your soul. Enhance your mood and memory by listening to or playing music. What gives you maximum joy? Sharing your creative side multiplies joy and ignites others’ passions. Health, family, and business all improve. 

Create a self-care toolbox. Keep items around your home to help fix what ails you. Organize, purge, and manage personal space, closets, drawers, and clean under your bed. Cleaning anchors and grounds us, and you never know what surprises you’ll find.

Be honest with yourself and others. Our emotions, like everything, can get the best of us. Remember, you’re not alone. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s courageous, not a sign of weakness to share deep feelings with someone you trust.

Mental hygiene is vital. Go on a weekly news-fast and social media detox. Rather than reading other journalists, take up journal writing. You will thank yourself.                                                                                                         

What you think and say matters. Since words and emotions come from our thoughts, how we think affects how we speak, which in turn, affects how we relate to the world. The most powerful words you think and voice are the ones you make true for yourself. Hug yourself every day and say, “I love you!” You’ll be amazed at the outcome. 

There are many conscious cures to heal yourself, heal the Earth, and extraordinary opportunities to embark upon. Please share the positive things you are doing to support your immune system and overall well-being. Sharing Is Caring!

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