New Year’s Resolutions
You Got Any?

Ideas To Create 2021 Resolutions That Work For You

Whoa, 2020 is over. Now what? When we experience some level of fear and chaos, it may be hard to see the many gifts surrounding us. We have choices about how 2021 and the proceeding years will play out in our lives and careers.

What resolutions do you choose? What’s actually going to stick? What’s going to make a difference?

Why Our 2021 Resolutions Matter More Than Ever.

To thrive in this changing life and business climate, we must resolve to redefine what success and wealth mean in the 21st century. Our health is a significant factor. The intentions and goals that we set for ourselves are part of what determines how our lives unfold. It has never been more critical to tune into our good-intentions, gain our strength, get balanced, and not be afraid. Focusing on solutions that help us understand ourselves and our role in the world, we are more resilient. This is the time to come out of hiding and share your goodness.

Make a declaration to know who you are more deeply. Focus on what you love to do and your purposeful why in life. This helps you both compost the negative thoughts and nurture what gives you strength.

I gain my strength doing what I love to do with a purposeful passion. I spend a lot of time in Nature, create delicious, nutritious food in the kitchen, and share quality time with loved ones and clients. Joyful activities are conscious cures, making life more pleasant, relieve stress, and support our immune system.


Self-actualization is a state in which people are at their very best. The energy and time that we put out into the world come back to us. Knowing what gives us joy, accepting we belong, and having our love needs meet, open the doors to self-actualization.

Self-actualization is when one’s full potential blooms through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the actual world. It means going deep within — looking beyond self-interest and seeking to learn how our role affects those around us and the world at large. Using our time wisely brings forth our full potential.

In tune with our deeper selves, we discover our sixth sense. We may feel like a visionary, an intuitive, perhaps a psychic, or whatever word you would use to describe having a premonition. The more awakened we are, the more humanity and the environment strengthen.

Sometimes the process of self-realization can feel like an internal battle, like deciding to withdraw from alcohol or sugar, but the results are worth it! I have dismantled old beliefs and addictions that once tormented me in the middle of my career. I can remember a time after 12+ hours working at my restaurant daily for years, the only thing keeping me going was sugar and addiction to work.

When I dug deeper into my soul’s desires and resolved to change my ways, my health and business excelled. It took doing the internal work to self-actualize and balance my lifestyle with my work style. This freed me from my addictions, and I could perform at my very best.

What one thing can you do to help bring more balance into your life?

Getting Clear

The most challenging part of New Year’s resolutions is getting clear on where to focus. I recommend starting with the suggestions I offer and making them your own. When you create them and repeat them, use present tense as if they have already become your reality and self-actualize.

5 Resolutions for 2021

  • I will declare my good intentions and follow through.
  • I will subscribe to an attitude of gratitude focused on opportunities and my gifts.
  • I will nourish my strengths. My health is my greatest wealth, the answer to freedom and happiness.
  • I will invest in myself, knowing I will get an ROI. I will balance my inner bank.
  • I will lead by example and strive to be a shining light to brighten the lives of others.

Can 2021 be the most productive year of your life?

Awaken your personal divine in this new era and be guided by your own inner values and goals. Able to express emotions freely and clearly and accepting ourselves and others, we can form deep relationships. You are unstoppable with a balanced mindset and can share your gifts with others. Let your imagination run wild and create resolutions that work for you to make 2021 the best year ever!

What are you reimagining for 2021?

Let your imagination run wild and create resolutions
​that work for you.

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Laugh, love and rejoice.

Big Love and Aloha

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