Meet Our Team

Donna Maltz

Founder, Author, Eco-Entrepreneur

 A multi-purposeful entrepreneur since 1980. Founder and CEO- (Conscientious Enthusiastic Optimist) of multiple successful Eco-businesses. An Eco-Bohemian Entrepreneur: a cross between a naturalist, transcendentalist, modern-day flower child, and freethinker who works to regenerate humanity and the Earth (lifekind) from the soil to the soul. A Soulutionist, based in Hawaii with a herd of pets, a bounty of plants, and a loving husband.

James Mattie

Social Media Manager/Blogger

Living soil to soul in the mountains of Costa Rica. Founder of MindfulXpansion, Mystery School Ambassador, and Spiritual Rap Artist expanding consciousness through music.

Kevin maltz

Master of finances and farm manager at soil to soul headquarters on the big beautiful Island of Hawaii. Kevin keeps Donna in check.

Amber Smith

Business Development/Community Engagement

Studied business and entrepreneurship. Committed to the social and environmental justice movements. Passionate about regenerative agriculture and building sustainable local economies. Certified Yoga instructor, living soil to soul in Hawaii. A Corporate girl turned bohemian entrepreneur.