Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree 🌈🌴 The natural world has so many magical expressions, I am so inspired by its raw beauty and uniqueness. These tree’s are infused with the colours of the rainbow and in turn are very wise. I love spending time deep in the heart of nature observing the systems and cycles, watching over time how the bark changes with the weather, adapting to take on new forms. We are all very much like tree’s, life is constantly changing and we are always adapting to fit more harmoniously into our environment. Surrender to this beautiful change and you’ll join into the magical dance of life, sync your breath with your heart and heal with awareness.

Look to nature for inspiration and know that what you’re surrounded by is constantly programming your DNA and shifting your perceptions. We are connected as one with our environment, the more time spent in nature observing the organic world the more this will become apparent.

Just remember to breathe deep and focus on your dreams, connect with the Earth and smile. You’re exactly where you should be, and if you want to be somewheres else then change and you will soon find yourself there.

I have an infinite fountain of information and wisdom that I’ve gained through my experiences, I hope to share more of myself with you everyday and build a deeper connection with all you beautiful souls. Thank you so much for reading!! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you!!! Have an EPIC day ❤️
Big love!
~ Mama Donna 🌞

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