Aloha Donna,

Beautiful Soul!

I hope this finds you happy and healthy!

I wish to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support. I am excited to share with you that my forthcoming book, Conscious Cures ~ Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics, will be releasing in February! Each one of you have inspired me to write this heartfelt and truth-filled book. Today I am going to share with you a few paragraphs from Conscious Cures.

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If We Could Talk

If we could talk face to face, first I would say, Aloha, a sincere welcome. Then I might ask you when and where you were born, and about your family and friends. Why? Because then I can better understand what you may have experienced and what geographic and generational environments may have helped shape the person you are today. Do you listen and learn from the older generation’s experiences and connect with those younger than you? What do you glean from these intergenerational relationships?

I would also ask you how you are feeling about the world situation. Do you feel scared? Are you influenced by other people’s views that throw shadows on your truth? Do you feel overwhelmed and wonder if you can make a meaningful difference? How do you decipher what is right for you? We would discuss how life presents us with many obstacles, choices, and significant decisions.

We would also talk about all the incredible opportunities that are arising.

The negativity happening in the world can be daunting. Many people say they feel scared, confused, and powerless. They know there is much work to do and that things must change, but they see the multiple colliding crises and question if we have enough time to turn things around. I understand the confusion and the feeling of hopelessness. Besides the usual personal drama, it’s easy to feel like victims of an unsustainable economy and political corruption. We are positioned to race against a catastrophic climate crisis and health pandemic. Meanwhile, we’re amid a storm of global inequality, which is spreading like an out-of-control virus.

Who do you trust, and what are you doing to get through these times?

What opportunities are you
focused on?

I hope you enjoyed reading a small portion of
Conscious Cures ~ Solutions to 21st Century Pandemics!

I am so honored to share this body of work with you!
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May you be inspired to take control of your life and thrive.


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Big Love and Aloha

Donna Maltz

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