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With all the uncertainty and global lifestyle shifts, it has been an amazing year, experiencing new ideas, writing, and celebrating fulfilling achievements during a pandemic. After the Conscious Cures book launch party last week, I was tired, so I did a digital detox and took off on a two-day journey around the island of Hawaii, which turned into six glorious days. I took off on this pilgrimage with one of my editors, Janey Wing Kenyon, who was visiting from Wyoming, and carried in my heart, my other magnificent editor Jennifer Jas. I’m feeling so grateful to have the support of these two incredible women to help me achieve the completion of my latest books, Conscious Cures ~ Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics and a beautiful journal entitled, I AM Living Like the Future Matters.

I have had plenty of aha moments in my life, and I had an incredible one on this adventure around the Big Island. The first happened on our pilgrimage to Fissure 8, a massive upheaval and crack in the earth created during the 2018 Kilauea eruption. Nearly three years after the eruption, dreamy steam and intense heat engulfed us as we stood on the rim. My feelings vented.

Pele, the Hawaiian volcanic goddess, offered profound messages of the power of being present, the thrill of uncertainty, and how vulnerable we are living on the edge of time. Over 700 hundred homes and the surrounding lush vegetation were destroyed by lava. From my vantage point, I was in awe of witnessing Earth’s raw rebirth.

Surrendering to the power of Mother Earth’s intentions, I am reminded to prioritize health, family, and business, in that order. I envision my place in the universe and bring this revelation forward in each moment.

I’m a strong-willed woman committed to using my writing and business as a force for change, but priorities can revert to old patterns, suffocating the time to nurture me. I recognize the healthier I am, the more radiant my energy flows to care for others and the Earth. Gratitude for Pele! The steam and heat re-fired my passion and intentions.

The volcano shows us how creation is always happening, even in the heat of the moment. When we compost what does not serve us and nurture what does, we grow. Burning up the parts of ourselves that are obsolete, we make room for change.

Studying the systems and cycles of Nature helps us learn more about our internal self. When we study Earth’s wisdom, we grow closer to our own true nature. It feels great to spend time outside, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the adventure.

Living here on the Big Island for decades has taught me so many things, and one is that life is constantly changing. Just like new Earth gets shaped and formed from a liquid lava flow, so do our lives change as we grow through novel experiences.

These photos where taken from Fissure 8 and at the end of the Chain of Craters road, where the lave greeted the sea, gifting future generations, new land. The energy here was so intense; I am so grateful for goddess Pele and everything she’s taught me.

Aloha, I am a Nena Bird. I meet Donna and Janey in Volcano National Park.

“I have endured a long struggle against extinction. During the 1940s, I was almost wiped out by-laws which allowed the birds to be hunted during their winter breeding seasons when us Nene’s were the most vulnerable. Currently, we are on the Federal List of Endangered Species, because the introduced mongooses and feral dogs and cats which prey upon our eggs and baby birds threaten us. Thankfully, preservation efforts are continuing and the success of us Nene’s in Hawai’i, although not a certainty, is promising. There are now about 800 wild Nene in Hawai’i and the numbers are rising with each breeding season. 

YAY! I hope you will come visit me soon”

Thank you all for reading beautiful souls.

You’re Awesome ❤️

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