The Power of Love
Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Aloha beautiful souls, I’m here to share with you, a new series of blogs focused on building connections with the power of love. Let’s learn from Natures guidance and love every day.  Keep reading to discover why Nature is my greatest mentor, and also my true Valentine.
Appreciating The Wisdom Of The Earth

As long as I can remember, I have been an avid explorer, fascinated with the outdoors, striving to understand the connections of the soil with our souls. I have questioned, how, and why, as a species, have humans distanced themselves so far from the wisdom of Nature?  I use photography as a form of meditation and to help me answer the questions I ask.

Studying ecology, getting out into Nature, and feeding our bodies from the source of food that is grown in microbial rich soil, we are more intimately connected. Being in tune with the origin of where everything comes including our emotions, helps to bring balance. When we are healthy our souls thrive, and we can love more. When the Earth is healthy, she provides. 

Life, if lived soulfully and soil-fully creates a perfect romantic spiral 
Understanding Life Cycles

Earth is a place where organisms develop and evolve. A seed eventually takes root and then sprouts and branches out. Like a seed to a mature tree, we can bud and blossom. Fragrant and lovely, the flower has become a symbol of Valentine’s Day. 

With enough of the right nourishment, we grow to share our unique “fruits. “These are our inner gifts, the talents, and passions we’ve discovered along the way. The lessons and knowledge gained through each life cycle are brought into the future.  It’s important to understand what stage you’re at and to remember that seeds can only grow into their full potential if they get planted, or transplanted, into an environment that provides them with proper nourishment.
Find a  space where love is cultivated. 

Respecting Natures Nourishment

There is nothing made that does not come from the priceless resources of Nature. The natural resources of the Earth provide us with the basics such as food, clothes, and shelter. The batteries for our phones and solar panels are mined from the precious minerals of the Earth.  Plastic from oil, and the same fossil fuels that fuel our cars and homes.  The forests that build our homes, provide the paper for our books, and so much more. The Earth is so generous, but she needs our love and respect.

The best way for us to be of service is to live with love and compassion, to give back and be gracious. To celebrate and love the Earth each and every day.  

Love is the nutrient that fuels the soul

Remember, there are as many solutions as there are people on Earth. We get to bud and bloom, fruit and reseed. We are blessed. Let’s bring the best out in each other, then we can bring out the best in the world. Every moment that we live soulfully, is a Valentine moment <3. Let’s Live each day with love in our hearts. 

Thank you so much for reading, I look forward to any comments, insights. Let’s keep a loving dialogue going, full of solutions. ​

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day
Big Love Mama Donna


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