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As the holiday’s approach, it’s important to be mindful of what we eat and how we care for ourselves and others. In this newsletter, I have provided you with a guide full of conscious cures and one of my favorite holiday recipes, a Nutty Maple Stuffed Apple! It is time to indulge on love, compassion, and nourishing foods!

❣️Eat as if your life depends on it❣️

Eating a low-carbon footprint diet matters. Build your immune system and help save the planet. Support your local farmers and enjoy nutritious regional food, knowing you are strengthening your local economy and the well-being of Mother Earth.

Consuming foods that boost your mood and your immune system reduce anxiety and stress levels. Eat a diversified diet with plenty of fresh, plant-based foods: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and whole grains, healthful fats, and quality meat and dairy.

If you are vegan, it is essential to beef up other areas of your diet. Vegan or not, add extra immune-building foods such as turmeric, ginger, citrus (especially lemons), mushrooms, peppers, garlic, and onions. Fermented vegetables, such as homemade sauerkraut and kimchi, are a boon to gut health. Foods high in selenium, vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, B vitamins, zinc, proteins, and probiotic microorganisms are excellent choices. In times of additional stress, high-quality supplements are also a good idea.

Stress eating is terrible for our bodies and minds. During stressful times, we find ourselves overindulging or, the opposite, forgetting to eat. Neither is the correct answer. If you find yourself falling into either trap and eating crap, it’s time to do your research or speak with a nutritional coach. Avoid the use of alcohol and other addictive substances.

I hope during this holiday season, and always, you focus on the beauty of life and embrace the things you love.

Our success is not just in human connection and love.
Extend that connection and love to all of life kind.


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Enjoy a yummy baked apple recipe that you can share with your loved ones during the holiday season.

From my family, to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season.
May it be full of love, laughter, healthy food, and unity.

Big Love and Aloha

Donna Maltz


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