Aloha Friends and Family, 

I came across this beautiful tree, which urged me to share the wisdom I received.  

I hope this finds you well during these evolutionary times. With fires burning, the economy crumbling, our health at significant risk, and inequality peaking, it’s more important than ever to get in touch with your free spirit so you can freely change with the times. We have work to do to bring justice to all of lifekind.  

With each breath, we gain new experiences that shape our character.  

How you branch out and reshape is up to you. 

I have lived as a free spirit for most of my life. I realized in my late teens that the pressures to conform to an unsustainable society were not serving me or the world. I followed my heart and swam upstream to achieve my dreams. It was tough trying to break into the business world as a woman during the great recession in the 80s. Small businesses and family farms were being gobbled by corporate America. However, I didn’t let that stop me. Against all odds, I stayed true to my values and worked hard to create soil to soul businesses.  

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to take the road less traveled. 

I transplanted myself to a vibrant community in Homer, Alaska, and rooted there. Working within my community, I gained the strength to adapt and grow through the challenges. Being a free spirit gave me the freedom to find my tribe of supporting people. It taught me that love and compassion are essential nutrients to bloom and grow. Family, blood or not, carries what the soul requires, to evolve and grow into our true selves.  

When we spend time in nature, we realize how plants and animals in their natural environment are resilient and can endure the most disruptive storms. Our roots help us stand tall as shoots of fresh growth get established.  When we remember that we are part of Nature too, we can adapt to the many changes throughout life. 

The key to being a free spirit is connecting with your past and bringing the best forward as your purposeful passions surface, and compost the rest. Then do what it takes to stay balanced as you interconnect with your tribe. Paying attention allows you to connect with your soul’s purpose. Your internal voice yearns to hear the truth, leading you to connect deeper with yourself. Set specific intentions, stay focused, and follow through with your actions.  

If you ever need a reminder of how to be a free spirit, step outside and listen to the breeze and feel the soil on your feet. Nature is a constant reminder of freedom and grounding as you branch out. Be yourself and offer the world your unique gifts that everyone can benefit from. Once you get revitalized and work with the systems and cycles of Nature, you become part of saving humanity.  

A helpful mantra: I am well, I am grateful! 

Thank you so much for reading beautiful souls! Please leave a comment and connect if you resonate with my words.  

Big Love and Aloha  

Mama, Donna 

To find out more about how I became a free spirit, and how you can too, click here.

My next book, Conscious Cures for the 21st Century Pandemics, will release the fall of 2020. 

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