Aloha Beautiful Souls, I hope this finds you healthy and you will take the time to enjoy my article. I’m feeling blessed to be where I am at this unprecedented time in history and wish to elevate your day with my sincere words and photography. I live a simple farmstead lifestyle in a rural community, and my life has changed little since COVID-19. I miss hugging dear friends, going to the farmer’s market, and being with the garage sale community on Saturday mornings, but I am happy and grateful to be surrounded by Nature. I do my best to spread as much love and joy as I can. Even wearing a mask at the store, my eyes smile with affection. On all my social media channels, in blogs and in my books, I share positivity. I follow my own advice and immune system tips, which you can read in my blogs. There is much we can do during this physical-distancing time to make a positive difference and feel better about ourselves. I know that many of you reading this might feel cooped up or depressed, so I hope to draw you into imagining something better. If I can get you close to Nature, even in your imagination, then I have succeeded. As I write, I’m sitting on my deck with my darlings, listening to the mating call of frogs in the pond below. The majestic island of Maui is across the way, and floating clouds are dancing with the sea. There are rolling green hills spotted with sheep, horses, and cows. White egrets perch on the backs of their four-legged friends like statues. The flowers and fruit trees are vibrant, and the warm breeze comforts my skin and my soul. Racks of bananas dangle from trees and are nearly ready to be harvested. Pineapples are right behind them, and the spring gardens are full of tender life. A bright red cardinal is perched on a green palm frond. It’s friends flutter about and sing for joy in this lush tropical paradise.

We all know what’s going on in the world and each of us is dealing with it in our own way. Even though I am living in this lush, and relatively coronavirus free environment, I, too, am confused and concerned when I focus on the crisis. That is why I choose to focus on the positive. I do my best to be comforting, sharing words of compassion and encouragement as we navigate into a better and novel way of being. I stay focused on the opportunities with each word I say and write, and each photo I take. I pray that each of you are finding positive things to do that are building your inner strength.

It is heartwarming to read and hear stories of people worldwide who, because of this virus and economic turn, are changing their perspective on life for the better. They are waking up to what is really important to them and more appreciative of things that have been taken for granted. New rules such as – Do not leave your house unless it is essential, make us think about what really is essential.

Why does it take a crisis for so many to see what is essential? Is it human nature to be obsessed with having more at the sake of others having less, or have we been manipulated by the powers that be and unjust systems? I choose to believe it is the latter, and COVID-19 is teaching us we are stronger, grander, more significant, and are ready to fight back. Armed with love and compassion, we fight for a better world.’

Where I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is much unity amongst our community. Farmers are showing up in a big way with glorious produce, and distribution channels are coming together. We are fortunate to have fertile soil and many stewards of the land; there is also respected leadership that cares deeply for the health of our people and the ‘āina (the land). And it’s not just here. There are compassionate and innovative people all around the world engaged and joining together with humanitarian aid and new community-based *soulutions. This is where I focus my attention.

*A soulution differs from a solution in that it takes into consideration all life-kind and solves problems with long-term objectives.

What does it mean to you to be part of the soulution?

“There are endless opportunities to stimulate a new equitable economy for life-kind” In every sector, there are opportunities for soulutions that can have a positive effect on present and forthcoming generations. The most significant choices and shifts in our lives are right in front of us. Over time, humans have evolved into an invasive species on this planet. We have the responsibility, challenge, and opportunity to bring about brilliant advances, and work in harmony with the rest of life-kind. On average, an adult makes 35,000 decisions a day! Every choice we make shapes the landscape where we live. We can redesign systems, products, and services that work with human-nature and Nature when we live like the future matters. Personally, and collectively we must wise up and rise up. Our survival depends on our choices. As the late transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Build therefore your own world.”

Put on some soothing music and come take a virtual hike with me and my animalizing four-legged friends, Chester and Sadie: We might not be able to socialize much, but many of us can still get out into nature and natur-ize. As I tune into my dogs’ sensory perception, my innate senses become alive. The landscape becomes a hunting ground for beauty. The cliffs meet the sea at the shore, in perfect harmony. We rest under a canopy of trees along with the surrounding species and observe Nature’s soulutions. No senseless and greedy wars are being fought. Instead, I witness unity and respect, a world innocent of the panic and fear attempting to fill people’s hearts. In the nearby woods, the roots are turning the soil into carbon-sequestering land. Tree limbs, branches, and bark are living with millions of organisms. (Take a deep breath.) Nature is always regenerating, reminding us of the virtues of recovery and resilience. My bare feet embrace the earth, grounding me. The smell of the rich land is intoxicating. The lush green forest canopy offers shade and protection from the hot sun. A soft breeze cleanses the air as the glistening sunrays, like beacons of light, bounce off the ocean swells. The roar of the sea soothes my active mind and calms my nerves. (Can you feel it too? Can you smell it?) I am embraced by Nature – in soul-filled harmony. I breathe in the pure Prana and I’m grateful for the unity and diversity. I give myself permission to unload cumbersome baggage that attempts to anchor my soul. There is clarity; I feel free and liberated. I pray that when this is over, humankind will gather in Nature with reverence and respect for our Mother Earth. We must co-exist if the human species is to exist.

We have a lot to learn from Nature as we rebuild our world. Nature teaches us how to be resourceful and resilient and shows us the benefits of giving more than we take. All life evolves to survive, integrating balance and growth even in times of distress. Each ecosystem is interdependent, but functioning as a whole, thriving on diversity. Landscapes interconnect like a forest to a meadow, a pasture to the coastline. Attuned and responsive, Nature adapts to changing conditions. We must remember that we are part of Nature and can do this too. When we honor and incorporate the innate wisdom of the systems and cycles of Nature and the fragile web which connects all life, we have a greater chance to heal ourselves and humanity. With the knowledge that everything is interdependent, we make better choices for ourselves and the world. What would it be like if human rights and the rights of Nature came before useless material goods and greed? When we get out of this mess, the message here is to get back to Nature, and harmoniously adapt to our changing world. My heart responds to the billions of people suffering through these challenging times. Between the indiscriminate virus and the crumbling economy, there is much to be concerned about. As we evolve into the unknown, I believe most of us will come out of this pandemic nightmare with a better dream for the future. I believe that we will not only recover from this, but many of us will do the most important and meaningful work of our lives as we build therefore our own world. With Nature as our guide, we’ll learn from this tragedy and not be afraid to recognize where we have failed, and honor where we have shined as humans.

Big Love, and Many Blessings. Be Well. Mama Donn P.S.  It’s for real! The print version of the book is in production and the message could not be timelier. I will be running a prelaunch sale starting next week. Be on the lookout for a great price and meaningful read. Thanks to everyone who has read the eBook and has given me valuable and positive feedback. If you would like to review my book on Amazon, that would be much appreciated. If you have not read the book, and would like a free download, CLICK please read and leave a review on Amazon. This helps people find the book. I am available to do podcasts, online summits, guest blogging, as well as coaching private clients.

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