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Feeling overwhelmed and overworked does not serve you or others

In light of the rapidly changing world, I am offering my Life and Business coaching to new clients on a sliding fee scale.

There is no getting around it; the viral health issues and the unstable economy are wreaking havoc around the world and the Earth. In the midst of these challenges we are now faced with yet another deadly virus. The COVID-19 is doing its best to take us down. It’s easy to get discouraged. If you are struggling with diminishing self-worth, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, or poor health, I’m equipped with the tools and methods to help you feel your best in these trying times. I recognize that being laid off due to the coronavirus, or being forced to work at home, is taking a toll on millions of people, causing mental and physical challenges. Having someone you can trust and share your feelings can make a big difference. 

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My Coaching Can Help You:

  • Find inner strength
  • Power up your gratitude
  • Take your health to the next level
  • Create powerful daily rituals
  • Develop and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Discover the benefits of Nature Therapy
  • Balance your lifestyle and career
  • Build a successful Eco-Business

I offer you years of experience and a positive and open heart. I have been a certified health coach since 2011 and a successful eco-entrepreneur since 1980. I know how challenging it can be to balance a healthy lifestyle, especially in challenging times. This is when our careers and health are at greatest risk. This is when we must show genuine character, build our immune system, stay positive, be functional, contribute to the greater good and be happy.

If you need support, direction, or someone to share your feelings, and if you are ready to make a positive shift, let’s talk 

Some Of My Success Stories

As a life and business coach, I’ve had the pleasure of working with truly fantastic men and women to empower them to become the best versions of themselves.

Meeting Mama Donna radically changed my life and put me on the track to success. She shared with me her wisdom and years of business experience. Her teachings inspired me to grow and tap into the healing energy of nature. She helped me realize my dreams by giving me an opportunity to do what I do best and share it with others. To this day, she remains a mentor and business partner who inspires and brings out the best in me daily.

James Mattie

Social Media Manager, Soil to Soul