I AM ~ Living Like the Future Matters: A Guided Journal for Cultivating Abundance

Journal your way to a Gratitude Attitude.

Rediscover yourself in this thought-provoking journal and awaken to what positivity serves you and enhances your well-being. The motivational prompts and inspirational quotes in this journal help you get in touch with your deepest yearning and well-being. You are encouraged to be courageous, embrace your sacred path, and dig deep into your soul. Are you ready?

I AM ready to:

  • Reflect on my past, be present, and reimagine my future.
  • Express my inner voice, my passions, and my desires.
  • Expand my mind and nurture my immune system.
  • Explore my options to be my best self
  • To discover the beauty in each day.
  • Open my heart to the possibilities.
  • Focus on my hopes and dreams.
  • Be happy and grateful.

The beautifully designed journal is full of Donna’s stunning Nature photography and wisdom. It can be used as a companion to her “memoir of sorts,” Living Like the Future Matters ~ The Evolution of a Soil to Soul Entrepreneur, or independently. Either way, you will benefit from the value it provides. In Donnas’ heartwarming’ memoir of sorts,’ she shares her remarkable story to help others reflect and express their own. She channels her love of Nature using delightful metaphors and encourages us to be brave, go out on a limb, and strive for social and environmental justice.

With all the uncertainty going on in the world, it’s an ideal time to express yourself freely and reimagine your life. Whatever you do, if you know who you are — what you love to do — and have a purpose for why you do what you do — you’re unstoppable. It is empowering to gain clarity and “see the forest for the trees.” So, grab a pen and colored pencils and fill the pages in this journal with your insights and revelations.

Get inspired to share your stories.


I have been journal writing for 20 years and found this to be the best-guided journals on the market! I got the journal before reading Living Like the Future Matters and found it so helpful; I read the book too. I am a fan of Donna’s work, and you will also be.

-Janet Petersen, Journal fanatic

What I loved most about this journal is that it gave me room to write with excellent prompts to pull out the best of me. It has become my go-to gift for my friends and family.

-Bristol Anderson ,

Overjoyed with this journal. Such attention to detail! Love the cover and the art inside. Love that I am inspired to write my thoughts and ease my fears. I read and loved the book Living like the Future Matters and got the journal as soon as it was released. I am proud to say that I am now living more like future matters, which feels so good.

-Kishan Gediya,


  • Ebook: $2.99
  • Paperback book: $15.95