Yummy Recipes Wilderness Wonders For Kids and Adults

Yummy Recipes Wilderness Wonders For Kids and Adults

“Yummy Bear brings you lots of fun activities and fantastic food ideas for the whole family. The book was created to help children and adults gain a better understanding of nature and human relationships to nature, also how to enjoy the art of baking and cooking with an emphasis on good nutrition. By exploring the needs of animals and plants in the wild, we can help understand ways to preserve the Earth’s precious life cycle. The diet and habitat of animals in their natural environment are critical for their survival. Nature does not provide grocery stores, restaurants or man made housing in the wild. The survival and good health of our earth is dependent on us because what we eat and how we live directly affects all living things.”

Enjoy these delicious, nutritious recipes and share them with your friends.

Each book is personally signed with a message from Donna

Conscious Cures ~  Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics

Conscious Cures ~ Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics

Gives Us More Reasons to Live Like the Future Matters.

“Just weeks after launching Living Like the Future Matters ~ The Evolution of a Soil to Soul Entrepreneur, I dove into writing Conscious Cures. We were in the first phase of the health pandemic, and societies worldwide were in turmoil.”

2020 caused us to pay attention to society’s underbelly, pull the emergency stop on our speedy modern lifestyle, and realize what is possible. Donna Maltz’s addresses the multiple global pandemics we struggle with due to the decaying human-made systems and morality. Those pandemics being environmental, economic, political, food and drug, inequality and media, and how fear and conspiracies add to the inflammation. We get through the COVID era by fortifying ourselves with conscious cures, preparing us for what is yet to come.

Plagues have happened before and will happen again. It is how we respond to them that matters. To curb health crises, we must take an inclusive approach to address the origin of the problems. Each of us has a role to play as we redefine the purpose of our lives.

There are Soulutions creating opportunities for us to take action. We can change our ways and heal.

We must recognize how important it is to gather our strength during this time of massive transformation and heal. The sooner we address things with earnestness — just like a wound, the faster it heals.

Each of us has multiple tangible ways we can support our well-being. When we feel good, we can help others navigate a better novel way of living and heal the Earth. Our physical and mental health strengthens when we focus on the positive and incorporate daily practices and healthy rituals.

Ask yourself how you can drift your mindset from humankind’s idea and shift your consciousness to lifekind. Where do you stand?

When dignity and ethics become the norm,
we become a part of the rebalancing of society.

Praise for Conscious Cures to 21st Century Pandemics


An Amazon Best Seller and awarded the

Badge of Achievement by

The International Review of Books.


This timely read is full of informative and evolutionary ideas, proving how our actions can heal and build a more equitable world. Rather than focusing on the negative, Donna’s insightful vision focuses on regenerative Soulutions, inviting readers into introspection to transform their lives and communities.

We are undeniably at a pivotal point. Our transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic can be a catalyst for long-overdue changes if we are bold enough to create a better reality to heal ourselves and our wounded, divided world.   

Conscious Cures showcases the impressive resurgence of ethical activism and its life-enhancing engagement to inspire change from personal to global levels. It is a must-read for anyone who views this time of crisis as an opportunity to explore new ways to thrive, rather than survive.

Living Like the Future Matters ~ The Evolution of A Soil to Soul Entrepreneur

Living Like the Future Matters ~ The Evolution of A Soil to Soul Entrepreneur

Get ready to bark upon a heartfelt inspirational story of self-discovery.

Donna’s “memoir-of-sorts” documents the rich and diverse life of a woman determined to stand up for life-kind. Her purposeful and passionate storytelling guide you to make healthy, informed, and responsible changes.

“There is no reason we can’t be successful, celebrate, and respect ourselves while being a part of the Soul-ution.”

You will find guiding principles and valuable resources inspiring you to create a more habitable place for life-kind. See why success need not cost the world! Join Donna, a passionate voice for Nature, as she shares her optimistic perspective on life.

Born at the peak of the baby boom in the suburbs of New Jersey, Donna’s adventures drew her north to Alaska and then across the sea to Hawaii. Along her journey, pressures to conform to the unsustainable American Dream turned her into a workaholic. Her struggle with food addiction, followed by her high-spirited recovery, proves how to overcome debilitating habits and live our best life. When we live like the future matters, we can embrace defeat and rejoice in our achievements, all while making a difference with our lives.

Get inspired to share your stories.

I AM ~ Living Like the Future Matters: A Guided Journal for Cultivating Abundance

I AM ~ Living Like the Future Matters: A Guided Journal for Cultivating Abundance

Journal your way to a Gratitude Attitude.

Rediscover yourself in this thought-provoking journal and awaken to what positivity serves you and enhances your well-being. The motivational prompts and inspirational quotes in this journal help you get in touch with your deepest yearning and well-being. You are encouraged to be courageous, embrace your sacred path, and dig deep into your soul. Are you ready?

I AM ready to:

  • Reflect on my past, be present, and reimagine my future.
  • Express my inner voice, my passions, and my desires.
  • Expand my mind and nurture my immune system.
  • Explore my options to be my best self
  • To discover the beauty in each day.
  • Open my heart to the possibilities.
  • Focus on my hopes and dreams.
  • Be happy and grateful.

The beautifully designed journal is full of Donna’s stunning Nature photography and wisdom. It can be used as a companion to her “memoir of sorts,” Living Like the Future Matters ~ The Evolution of a Soil to Soul Entrepreneur, or independently. Either way, you will benefit from the value it provides. In Donnas’ heartwarming’ memoir of sorts,’ she shares her remarkable story to help others reflect and express their own. She channels her love of Nature using delightful metaphors and encourages us to be brave, go out on a limb, and strive for social and environmental justice.

With all the uncertainty going on in the world, it’s an ideal time to express yourself freely and reimagine your life. Whatever you do, if you know who you are — what you love to do — and have a purpose for why you do what you do — you’re unstoppable. It is empowering to gain clarity and “see the forest for the trees.” So, grab a pen and colored pencils and fill the pages in this journal with your insights and revelations.

Get inspired to share your stories.