Aloha Beautiful Souls!

I hope your New Year has been treating you well so far! In light of all the unsettling things happening from the White House to the Virus, it’s important to focus on the positive and to be proactive. One thing I do to keep my spirits is to contribute to my community. Mingling safely with small tribes of people, engaged in the betterment of our small town, has made a big difference in my life.

There are many new opportunities arising and I share with you some inspiration that can guide you to reimagine. The more we can help each other stay positive, the better. The more we help one another, the better we feel.

We can rise like a Phoenix.

The passage below is from my forthcoming book, Conscious Cures ~ Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics, offering suggestions to help us stay positive and proactive. With the economy in such disarray, we have many opportunities to build a new life for ourselves and future generations.

Localize economies and reconnect communities.

There is a rising trend to build economies around what we put in our mouths, from meals to medicine, and for local economies to focus on the essentials and giving back. Practical life skills — such as a seamstress, farmer, or repair person — once mainstream professions are the wave of the future and must pay a living wage. We can bring back these essential skills and educate our youth to become part of the innovative changes necessary to retool a healthy local economy.

Fast-food joints that serve unhealthy, processed junk, can shift to community cafes and meeting places. Retail stores full of items made by exploited laborers that become the typical teen job can turn into a business incubator that inspires youth to learn practical skills. Professions that contribute back to their communities without demoralizing the service industries that are the fabric of a community.

Rather than shopping in box stores piled with useless things that cost trillions of dollars to manufacture while polluting our environment and exploiting others, we can localize our economies and purchase from recycled or sustainably created options.

The opportunities to create local employment are endless; steward the land, plant trees, maintain parks, design conservation apps, repair electronics, etc… All members of communities are valuable and can encourage each other to create conscious industries that do not pollute the land and water we depend on. Together, we can reinforce the essential needs of our communities.

Focused on regenerative soulutions, we all prosper. Supporting local businesses, you support the health and the growth of your local communities. When we take power away from these mega-corporations, we are more self-sufficient, and the power is back in the hands of the people. The tides are changing, people are wising up and investing in local infrastructure, and the results are a more resilient community.

When possible, Support Your Local Farmer and Grow Your Own Food.

I look forward to sharing more
with you soon.

I wish you all health and happiness.

My new book will be releasing soon!

Many Blessing and Big Love and Aloha,

Donna Maltz

Mama Donna

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