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If We Could Talk, I would say it is time to embrace and reshape the 21st century. Indeed, we are being called upon to bring our best selves forward to live like the future matters.

The way we live can be a cure for the virus.

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Self-actualization is the achievement of one’s full potential. We can self-actualize by focusing on creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a joyful outlook on the world. It means going deep within — looking beyond our self-interest to learn how our role affects those around us and the world.

Being self-absorbed is a growing trait in society, but we can break free from that mold. Sometimes the process of self-realization is an internal battle, like withdrawing from alcohol or sugar, but the results are worth it! I know firsthand because I have dismantled destructive, old beliefs and addictions, which once tormented me. Those negative beliefs caused me to gain 60 unwanted pounds and to wear an unattractive frown. Harmful scripts and destructive emotional patterns came with physical pain, turning my dreams into nightmares. Once I took the time to dig deeper into my soul’s desires, I was free to share my gifts again. Dismantling old patterns and gathering our strength takes doing the work.

When you are in tune with your deeper self, you find a sixth sense, one that is intuitive or psychic. You could call it a spiritual awakening or whatever words you want to describe, seeing a clear path before you. When you know who you are, what you love to do, and have a purposeful why — you thrive. The more awakened you are, the more the world — both humanity and the environment — becomes balanced.

We all must do our part to bring life back into balance. Recognize how important it is to gather your inner strength, be open-minded, and help bridge the division gaps. Ask yourself if you are truly living the life you wish to live. There is always room for improvement. Abandon the turmoil. Shut out all distractions and face those things you’ve been avoiding. Now is a time for massive transformation and conscious cures to move forward. Procrastinate is not a wise option. The longer we avoid a problem, the longer it takes to heal — just like a wound. Now is not the time to avoid the hurtful or disturbing events in the world but to head toward them with a force of justice and love. It is a call for an unprecedented level of diplomacy.

If we could talk, I would suggest you declare your intentions and follow through with your actions. Be discerning as you awaken the divine and evolve in this new era. Strive to be a shining light. I would assure you that the ecology of our lifestyle is the determining factor for our future. With reverence, we can focus on the betterment of our community and the planet, not just ourselves or the bottom line. What we focus on grows. There is no more talking about it. It’s time for action.

As you move into the emerging future, you have the power to make wise choices. Whenever you feel boxed in, do your best to breathe freely and open yourself to see the beauty in every moment. If you feel like a victim, then it’s time to realize that you have the power to be the creator of your life. You can only do that if you’re ready to take full responsibility and believe you can transform into your higher self. If you wish to see a significant change in the world, challenging yourself to be the best version of yourself is the most important thing you can focus on. It has never been more critical than right now to tune into good intentions and not be afraid. This is the time to come out of hiding and share your goodness.

If we could talk some more, I would suggest that you reconnect with your core values and allow your wisdom to flow like the ever-changing currents of the ocean. Let the waves of life teach you that nothing is constant in Nature except change. Do not fight or resist. Take the time to relax. Be still. Observe the changes and learn how to ride these changing waves. Just like being conscious of your breath, everything can be connected in beautiful harmony. New waves of energy are available to ride. Yet, it’s our responsibility to learn how to ride them and not drown in our sorrows. Bring forth your full potential by utilizing your time wisely, which is your greatest currency.

By making an investment in yourself, the investment pays for itself. Take the time to focus on your dynamic qualities, the ones that position you to be healthier and wealthier in the truest sense. Be open to the opportunities with each action you take. Lead by example. When open-minded, respectful, and loving, you are more intuitive, helpful, and joyful. When your internal bank is full, you can share your riches and brighten someone’s life. You become an integral part of positive transformation and in a position to share your abundance, gratitude, and love. The return on your investment will multiply. Together, we can shift the world into a more balanced and sustainable state.

It’s time we all redefine what success and wealth mean in the 21st century. The answer to having true freedom and happiness does not come from striving for more money. Connect and serve your community, and the dollars will come.

Support and resources are available to guide your good intentions. Many of them I offer in this book, and others are right in your community. Pursue all options. Find your tribe. When you take back control, you discover a wealth of internal power you never knew existed. You are in charge of your life, charging you up to discover how your unique skills can be part of the Soulutions. Each of us plays a role in the betterment of our planet.

It’s time we all open our eyes, be present, and savor the wisdom and lessons of Nature’s systems and cycles. Like a seed planted in the soil, a sensation arises when you stand barefoot on the ground, breathing deep and soaking up sunlight. It’s a reminder that we’ve all been planted here for a reason and have plans/intentions to achieve and grow. The real question is, do your preferences align with Earth’s?

You can call me old-fashioned, eco-Bohemian, feminist, or Earth Mother, but I stand for what I stand on. I’m here to protect what’s beneath my feet, the Earth. I strive to give more, take less, protect biodiversity in all creatures, large and small, and those yet to evolve. I am dedicated to human equality and value cultural diversity. Diversity is the key to a balanced society. I reach for the stars but do not call them my own. I conquer my inner demons and no one else’s. I believe we can experience life’s joys while living in intuitive balance, and we can collectively unite for the betterment of.

Where do you stand?
What positive things are you doing to keep your spirits up during this evolutionary time?
Where do you find your strength, purpose, and happiness?

Donna Maltz

Go forth with grace and help guide the human race to balanced abundance.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring; the future is a question of a thousand dreams. What you do and what you believe in matters. I am optimistic that this will be an evolutionary time that brings humanity to a place of revelation and grace. As we adapt to the changes, we become more resilient. I believe those working for a just society will come out of these challenging times with long-lasting intentions and better dreams for what’s to come. I think we will not only recover from this, but many of us will do the most valuable work of our lives as we build, therefore, our own world.

Thank you for taking this time with me. If I have gotten you closer to Nature, and your true nature, then I have succeeded. Live your life like the future matters, because it does.

Teach our children well, focus on the beauty of life, and embrace love. Extend that connection and love to all of us, and we will better our world. Knowledge is power, but it only becomes wisdom when applied.

Thank you for reading this chapter from Conscious Cures ~ Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics.
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