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Are you feeling fearful or not?


I question the expression, “We are all in this together.” In truth, we all experience very different realities. The virus mutations cause us to pay attention to society’s underbelly, pull the emergency stop on our speedy modern lifestyle, and become more aware of what is possible for those suffering pre-COVID. As a new reality unravels from the media’s daily perspective, it’s important to pay closer attention to our own reality and what influences us. As we put our feet in other people’s shoes, we realize there is no one size fits all. The level of fear, insecurity, and uncertainty separates us. 

One thing I know for sure is love is more contagious than a virus. We see examples of this every day. Think of an uplifting situation in your home, community, or world that brings a smile to your face and opens your heart. From Afghanistan to the East Coast, to the fire-ridden and drought communities, heartwarming stories are the ones that can be our lifeline.

I don’t know about you, but the media can get my undies in a bungee! The hype and negativity heard around the globe sometimes leave me feeling that we are being manipulated and divided, not knowing what to believe.

I offer suggestions from my latest book, Conscious Cures ~ Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics,
to help you conquer fear and get on with your blessed life.

Donna Maltz Blog

Tuning into what matters, matters. I remind myself that the future, as uncertain as it might seem now, ends up being what we make of it, and what we believe. Rather than getting overcome by negative emotions and fear-mongering, focus on building your immune system, strengthening relationships, and implementing Soulutions into your life that are focused on your new life. Forget getting back to normal.

There are many ways to solve problems.
When approached soulfully, encompassing compassion and love,
a Soulution betters the world with long-term positive outcomes.

Find trusted media sources.
Mainstream media follows the money, but there are many independent media sources that I trust, as well as people and organizations that align themselves with positive views. I also suggest you wean yourself as much as possible from the internet. Hackers and trackers are not your friends.

Live life to the fullest.
Make a promise to yourself that your purpose in life goes beyond judgment and fear. F.E.A.R. is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is an emotional reaction, therefore, we can control it. If you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, is this fear worth making me sick? Just how big of a deal is this thing?

We can get so caught up in others’ fears we forget who we are. We can lose sight of where we fit in. Our priorities and everything else we value gets lost. Ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen? Sometimes when things appear insurmountable, fear and anxiety take over our being. The fear itself can be worse than whatever we are afraid of. If you can’t handle it yourself, get help.

Share your feelings. Be open-minded and discerning.
Remember, your life is the sum total of what you believe. The more love and compassion you cultivate and share, the more you receive. Our differences with others become aligned when we focus on what we have in common. It’s important to be in dialogue with people that think differently than you, so we can be in this together. Remind yourself that your opinion of yourself matters — not what others think of you, so be sure to cultivate your inner compassion. We do not align with everyone, and that’s okay, but finding common ground helps to bridge the gaps. Allow goodness to guide you to serve the greater good. Your grace can help change internal and external fear mongers.

When we express ourselves, it’s hard to get depressed.

Except how some fear benefits you.
The right amount of fear keeps us safe. It is a tool we can use to make better decisions. Most of us experience fear before we go on stage or meet someone for the first time. But once you embrace the situation, the feeling eases when you feel safe. Fear is one of the many emotions we all experience. It arises when a threat of harm is perceived, either physical, emotional, or psychological. How we deal with fear determines whether we let it rule our lives or keep us safe. If we internalize fear, it grows into a scary monster.

You are most likely familiar with the phrase, knowledge is power. Knowing the benefits of fear and knowing when you are too fearful is essential to your wellbeing. Lack of information or the wrong information is a misdirection. Not knowing and not trusting can also put you in a state of fear. Learn the facts rather than spending precious time on speculative theories and hoaxes. Examine each situation with discernment.

An excellent trifecta alignment is when your gut reaction is in-sync with your heart, and your mind understands the logic. This brings a feeling of wholeness and leaves no room for fear or doubt. For example, when the right person asks you to get married and you say yes.

Traditionally considered a “negative” emotion, fear can keep us safe as it mobilizes us to respond to danger. It also can push us to experience something new and thrilling. Jumping out of an airplane is fearful for one person and exhilarating for another. When we experience fear that deactivates us and stunts our growth, it’s time to ask for help. We all have our threshold, especially in fearful times.

Use your time to do good. Be your authentic self and live your life by example.
The more time you put into living as if the future matters, the more quality time you will have.

We are hard-wired to crave a sense of social belonging, and an absence of belonging can alienate us. Often, the greatest thing we can do is lend a helping hand. Investing precious time in helping others nourishes our soul. A feeling of belonging can be incredibly powerful when we are part of something greater than ourselves. Being full of goodness leaves no time for negativity and fear. Each of us has that one unique gift that nobody else has, so share those beautiful gifts.

You are not living on Earth. You are Earth. Nature is not matter only.
She is also spirit. – Carl Jung

Think long term. During these uncertain times, the “immediate world order” is social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing our hands. I do this, but I also focus on the positive and the many opportunities that arise from a crisis. More than ever, it is critical to be open-minded, open-hearted, informed, and to act from a place of awareness. Doing so with positivity and ambition, doors open, and good things happen in a world order that works for you. Things will continue to change. A positive attitude puts fear in its place, especially when looking forward to a better future.

What’s something that unites people all over the world? We are all made up of the same matter, comprised of minerals, elements, and gallons of water spread across our trillions of cells. We are of the Earth. When we all take care of her, we are all in this together.

Connect with the Earth.
We have also been taught that soil is dirty, and therefore many people treat the Earth like dirt rather than like rich fertility that sustains life. A relationship with the soil and the energy it provides strengthens our immune response. It’s been proven that fertile soil and spending time in Nature calms nerves. No matter where you are, Nature is there, because you are breathing air.

Get grounded and walk barefoot on the Earth. Find solace in the wisdom of Nature, the meteor showers, the storms, sunshine, and phases of the moon. Listen and study the wisdom of the Earth. It makes more sense than any politician, scientist, conspiracist, or media. Nature understands that we must be all in this together in order for life to sustain and thrive on a healthy level. Balance and diversity are essential. The interconnected web of life has been broken, and it is up to each of us to help repair it. Then we can all be in this together. Truth and justice are like the sun and the moon, essential for quality of life for lifekind.

Exposing a vulnerability in yourself can often be one of the most powerful moves you can make when trying to bond.
White Eagle, Hopi indigenous.

Let this time of reflection and vulnerability ignite your passion for being the best version of yourself. Rely on yourself and others who believe in you, and to decipher what is right for you. Graciously share your goodness. If you know who you are, what you love to do, and have a purposeful why, you live a more meaningful life, free of fear and conspiracy. Be real and believe in your true self.

Donna Maltz Blog

Big Love and Aloha,


Mama Donna 


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