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I used to be an East Coast, upper-middle-class, Jewish American Princess. Things changed, and so did I. In the mid-70s, I got turned onto environmental activism and organic farming. I realized how my lifestyle and diet affected myself and the world; This motivated me to take action.

One of the early things I did, and I am very proud of, was to start one of the first organic school garden programs in the nation. Inspiring young minds to make a positive difference in the world — turned my world around. Simultaneously, in 1980, I ran a profitable two-acre organic farm and bakery business. After six years of life lessons, mixed in with my alternative college education, I branched out into the business world with gusto. My passion and desire to help heal the soil, my soul and the Earth lead me to become a Soil to Soul Eco – Bohemian Entrepreneur.

In 1982, after a beautiful, yet weary road trip across America, I ended up in stunning Homer Alaska. Here I founded the first natural foods eatery in the state. I was 25 years old and on fire. The Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery & Cafe still satisfy’s people’s taste buds with local and organic food.

My purpose—to make a positive difference in the world.
My mission—to help people understand how the food we eat affects everything, not just our bodies.

In 1992, I created the first organic cocoa and chocolate syrup in the nation under the AH!LASKA brand with the same purpose and mission. I was the founder and the CEO for 10 Years.

I believe in building brands with integrity — meant to last.

In 1992, I wrote and published my first book Yummy Recipes, Wilderness Wonders— an activity and cookbook for Kids and Adults. The book is still in publication. If you love Nature, Alaska, food and family time, check it out.

After the sale of AH!LASKA, in 2000, my husband Kevin, and I started A Memorable Experience Vacation Rental in Homer Alaska. This business is also still going strong. We believe in building Eco- businesses meant to last.

Kevin and I still get to enjoy time in beautiful Alaska, but Hawaii became our primary home in 2010. Kevin and I started Always in Season Farmstead Vacation Rental, on the Big Island in North Kohala. We also offer Culinary Healing Arts Retreat for people who could use a break and wish to take the time to focus on what’s most important.
Nature photography and writing have become my latest passions.

I am also a business and wellness transformation coach. My clients are serious about starting or growing an eco-business. I help them to materialize their dreams and stay healthy. I believe that food is medicine, and that business can heal the Earth. Helping others build intentional brands that will help nourish our bodies and the Earth, gives me joy. I am not taking on any new clients until June 2019.
If my bio interests you, then you might enjoy my Memoir of Sorts, Living Like the Future Matters.

A brand — like you and me— can live on, like the future matters.

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The story behind the book

The revelation for writing this book came in 2002 while swimming in the deep blue sea, at one of the white sand beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was in recovery mode after several years of self-afflicted emotional abuse. It was a hot winter’s day, and the calm, clear, vast Pacific Ocean added to the clarity of my thoughts. I contemplated, “Why had I failed myself,” “how did things get so F***** up in the world, and what was I going do about it?” I decided to share my story —  the rise — the defeat; and the recovery of a successful Eco-Bohemian Entrepreneur. 

The defeat came because I did not have the tools to cope against difficult times. While striving to repair the state of affairs in our rapidly changing world, my good intentions got buried in a sea of the doubt for a few years. Recovery came with its challenges and lessons that have made me a better person equip with the tools to help others. I hope that by sharing my story, I can enrich and cultivate the life energy and the love-light in more people’s lives and to help them avoid the depths of despair I experienced, and instead focus on the joy of life and business. And moreover, to ignite your passion for being a more significant part of the growing movement of Soulutionists.


Donna is truly an amazing author, she writes from her soul and pours her heart into her work. I am so grateful for the wisdom found in this book.

– James Mattie

What I’m Doing Now

Kevin and I love living on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. We share our beautiful 3-acre farmstead with vacation rental guests and clients, along with two animalizing canine friends – Chester and Sadie, and four sheep. We grow enough food on our farmstead to feed ourselves with help from the loyal local farmers. My daily meditation practices are hiking the Kohala Coastline and swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I’m staying busy coaching Eco-entrepreneurs, inspiring clients to run a healthy business while staying healthy. Now a grandmother I’m Known too many as Mama Donna. In my spare time, you’ll find me working on a new EBOOK series that will provoke and inspire readers to live like the future matter. am more devoted than ever to awaken myself and others to the opportunities to be the change we wish to be in the world.

Soil To Soul Solutions

Soil To Soul Solutions is my newest endeavor.  An online platform designed to connect and promote conscious entrepreneurs. The mission for the business is to provide products and solutions that can help you live a life more intimately connected with nature. The company will launch in early 2019 in alignment with my book release. 
To learn more about Soil To Soul Solutions, stay connected, and find out how you can get involved * be sure to subscribe to my Newsletter down below.
Many Blessings 
Big Love, Mama Donna

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