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Live a Long Healthy Life.

Aloha Sweet Souls,

Each of us has multiple tangible ways we can support our well-being and live a long healthy life. When we feel good, we can help others navigate a better novel way of being and help heal the Earth. Our physical and mental health strengthen when we focus on the positive and incorporate daily practices and healthy rituals. We get through the COVID era by fortifying ourselves for what is yet to come. A healthy mindset, robust immune system, and letting go of fear and judgment are a recipe for longevity. ​

1. Exercise: Exercise lowers your body’s stress hormones and regulates your cortisol levels. Whether it be yoga, Pilates, martial arts, or swimming, being active releases the chemical endorphin, enhancing your mood and acting as a natural painkiller. Daily exercise gets your blood pumping to purify your body. A high-temperature environment helps to block viruses from entering, which is the reason your body reacts to infection with a fever that helps kill a virus, and sweating removes toxins. Sweating and breathing hard are good for us.

2. Mindfulness and Meditation: From Kundalini meditation to music meditation to walking meditation, you have options! Learn to still your mind by your perception of a mindless task, and turn that time into a mindful one. Mindfully wash your dishes, feel the pots and pans in the warm water, and experience the difference when you are present in the task. It will make your “work” more gratifying. Listening to the sounds of Nature or soothing music helps get us into a meditative state, as do warm candlelit baths. 

3. Breath Awareness: So simple, so powerful. Several times throughout the day, relax your thoughts and still your mind by becoming fully aware of your breathing. Sigh often and give it some sound! Gentle, relaxed breathing is better than breathing deeply when you are anxious. Focusing on your breath and repeating a positive mantra, such as, “I am safe, happy, and healthy,” can bring peace of mind and help regulate your breath, even while doing simple tasks like making your bed.

4. Expression, Not Depression: Having outlets to express ourselves leaves little room for depression. Some of the greatest music, art, and business ideas have come from misfortune. If you find yourself feeling down, pick up something you love to do, and express yourself. Sharing your creations multiplies the expression and joy. When others see you expressing yourself, they are more inclined to catch on to your passion.

5. Self-Care Toolbox: Keep these items around your home to enhance your life: a journal, dumbbells, essential oils, turmeric, herbal teas, supplements, a favorite pillow and blanket, Epsom salts to put in your daily bath, candles, downloaded meditation music or rock ’n’ roll; you get the picture. Load your self-care toolbox with things that give you joy and comfort.

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