Local Food Attitude

Aloha Sweet Souls,

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from?

How the animals and farmers

are treated?

Or the effects of packaging piling up on our precious Earth?

How we eat affects how we show up in the world and the energy we bring forward. It’s critical to be conscious of where our food comes from and how it is harvested and/or processed.

Today, I will share five vital reasons why what you put into your magnificent body matters.

1. Choose local whenever possible: Having a garden is optimal, as is building a relationship with your local farmers. Developing a deeper relationship with your food source, you support your community and local economy while improving your nutrition.

Eating locally grown, fresh food tastes better and is better for your health. Food grown locally is harvested when ripe and doesn’t have to be fumigated, refrigerated, or packaged for long-distance traveling or altered for extended shelf-life. According to Worldwatch Institute, the average plate full of food on an American table has traveled 1500 miles before being eaten.

Long-distance transportation consumes massive amounts of fossil fuels. Much of the food shipped from hundreds of miles away is picked while unripe, then gassed to ripen after transport.

2. Avoid packaged and processed foods: if you buy something packaged, do your research on the company it is made by, and ensure they are ethical. You will find that most of these companies treat the animals and workers of the land extremely poorly and use packaging materials that cannot be digested by the Earth.3. Listen to your body: We all experience different cycles and seasons in our lives, and therefore we require a variety of food at different times. Respect and love your body and mind. Honor the messages you receive.

4. Be a conscious consumer: Educate yourself on where your food comes from and the process it goes through before making it to the grocery store or your plate. Ensure what you are purchasing aligns with your principles. Stand firm on the values you hold dear to your heart. The convenience is not worth the sickness later in life. Support your body and the Earth by making more conscious food decisions.

5. Share your abundance and knowledge: Educate and inspire others towards a more regenerative lifestyle. Be your best self and do not overstress when you’re feeling down. Rise up and create the life and world you wish to live in.

Be mindful of what you feed your body. Remember, you are eating for energy, nutrients, and a strong immune system.

Pay the farmer now or the doctor later.

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Donna Maltz


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