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I wrote this book as a means to heal, and to help awaken all generations to the urgency to live like the future matters; because it does. Full of relatable life and business lessons, my story will take you on a journey regarding your own evolution. From New Jersey to Vermont, up to Alaska and down to Hawaii, my memoir-of-sorts is a call to action that will inspire you to pursue a better world for yourself, for humanity, and our precious Earth.


We are living in rapidly changing times, and our lives will never be the same. Now is NOT the time to be fearful!

Living Like the Future Matters could not be timelier.

Donna Maltz’s insightful words invite us to seek a better world for ourselves, for humanity, and our precious Mother Earth. She writes to inspire us to be better humans.

Between the climate crisis and the ever-increasing pandemic viruses, we have been catapulted into a new realm of thinking and being. Instead of remaining stagnant and feeling helpless, we have the opportunity to create a new paradigm, one that works with the cycles of Nature. You hold in your hands a soulful resource that promotes personal and global healing.

Living Like the Future Matters ~ The Evolution of A Soil to Soul Entrepreneur is not a how-to book, but a heartfelt inspirational story of self-discovery. Donna’s “memoir-of-sorts” offers guiding principles and valuable resources and documents the rich and diverse life of a woman determined to stand up for life-kind. Her purposeful and passionate storytelling will guide you to make healthy, informed, and responsible changes during these challenging times.

Born at the peak of the baby boom in the suburbs of New Jersey, Donna’s adventures drew her north to Alaska, and then across the sea to Hawaii. Along her journey, pressures to conform to the unsustainable American Dream turned her into a workaholic. Her struggle with food addiction, followed by her high-spirited recovery, prove how we can overcome debilitating habits, and live our best life. When we live like the future matters, we can embrace defeat and rejoice in our achievements, all while making a difference with our lives.

Join Donna, a passionate voice for Nature, as she shares her optimistic perspective on life. This book is for those searching for ways to be healthier and wealthier, and who wish to create a more habitable place for life-kind. There is no reason we can’t be successful, celebrate, and respect ourselves while being a part of the Soul-ution. See why success need not cost the world!

Her motto is: “Why Retire When I Can Inspire.”

This is the time to be prepared, be brave and not fear the extraordinary! It is time we all live like the future matters.

What others have to say

Donna’s words are insightful, witty, truthful, and entertaining. Every chapter pulsates with skepticism, soulfulness, joy, exasperation, fear, and hope. The author asks challenging questions and gives intelligent answers. This book offers us a wealth of information with Soul-utions for a better life.”

~ Dimitrios Petsas, Marketing Specialist and Author

“Full of relatable life and business lessons, Donna reminds us we are more powerful than we think. She offers how we can change our world by changing our perception of business and wealth and turn complacency into compassion and action.”

~ Dr. Alvita Soleil, OMD., LAc., NCCAOM

“A great body of work filled with expressive thoughts and beautiful photos for growing, cultivating, and living like the future matters. Her book awakens us to what matters: Nature, dedication, and doing right.”

~ Hans Peter Brugger, Creative Director, and Author


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